• sammydtv"I let go of the need to feel 'special' today." OK - time to get raw & real here. There's something inside of us all that wants to "feel special." The more special we feel, the more endorphins we have, and the so-called happier we are. But the need to feel special is an addicting one - or at least it is for me. This is particularly relevant in social media, where the amount of likes a photo gets here on IG can heighten those "special" feelings. The need to feel special is rooted in the insecure ego which wants us to "be better" than our peers. This ego says we are more powerful and therefore more "in control" of our lives if we demonstrate a higher level of specialness than those around us. The ego is a sick little thing which feeds this addiction for specialness. For example, as soon as one photo here gets a ton of likes, it's time to plot "the next selfie" to get even MORE attention because the special pedestal only lasts so long and we must continually feed the ego monster to keep it satiated with specialness food. Today when we speak, when we post, when we communicate with others in anyway, may we let go of OUR need to feel special. May we step outside ourselves and examine the situation: is this something I'm doing out of the need to feel special, or is this something I'm doing because it genuinely provides love and light to the world? These are hard questions to ask. Self examination is not easy. But the more we question, the more we are aware, and the more we are authentically present for those around us. We are not trying to "one up" anyone in the never ending, never satisfying game of specialness. I encourage you to join me in letting go of the need to feel special today. Thank you all for inspiring and reposting this message of real love and real connection and tagging me @sammydavisvintage. #lipstickaffirmations #revlon @revlon #sharpie @sharpie

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  • thebrandingbellAwesome, I needed to see & read this. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to Repost
  • sammydtvthank you for re-posting and for recognizing your #powerwithin (because we don't need to feel special - we already ARE!) @thebrandingbell
  • ll_ambition@ephodministrieslex
  • thebrandingbell@sammydavisvintage you are absolutely right. I AM SPECIAL.
  • sammydtv#powerwithin @thebrandingbell
  • ephodministrieslexHey @_rayah check this out!!!!
  • thisdreamergirlAmen, I could not have said it better myself. Your 'A Course in Miracles' student, yes? This speaks right to the core of its teachings. #ACIM
  • sammydtv;-) ;-) ;-) #YESIAM @thisdreamergirl
  • sammydtvthank you @ephodministrieslex
  • lindseygranger_💗💗💗💗this
  • thisdreamergirlNothing in my life has EVER made more sense to me and answered ALL my questions. Conceptually I GET this, but the Ego has done a doosy to keep us blinded from the truth so I am constantly facing the obstacles of my resistance of the truth. This is my perpetual work. 'Seek not outside yourself.' #ACIM
  • sammydtv@thisdreamergirl "whom you forgive is free, and what you give you share." we can always rest easy in peace, innocence and forgiveness NOW. no need to work. the work is just within. so much love xxx
  • vintagesteeze_so true @sammydavisvintage . so true.
  • olivia_amyThis is amazing! You are amazing. I had deleted and remade my Instagram and I wasn't following you anymore-I'm so happy I found you again!😊❤🙏
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