Back in the lab...
  • usherBack in the lab...

  • maegeeeHandsome
  • beautifulbliss90Usher your amazing!!
  • itsnicckayyWill forever be my dream guy. You need to go on another tour !
  • ccsupreme_You don't age. #FountainOfYouth
  • mia.tiffaraI put yur name on my bucket list I hope one day I'm able to meet you. I have the same star tattoo that you have on your hand I'm a big fan nd I love you @howuseeit
  • thatcookie_😍😍
  • mylife_urviewU so sexy, team Usher always.... I love u Nd stay blessed....
  • prettihappie@howuseeit please check your DM. PLEASE
  • yoonhyemi1014My sexy friend the best in my life yo hello
  • ushianna@howuseeit This is my Idol. Follow me please
  • _o_johnson313That flannel is dope! @howuseeit
  • mjosee.stclaireAgain. Loove youu! Follow meee! :)
  • gracieislameUSHER❤️❤️❤️ i love u sooo much I dont even know if u read these but i adore you! Could u please follow me ! It would be one of my dreams of u did! I love u Ush! @howuseeit
  • kiannasx😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • ems_again52No one will ever understand how much it would mean to get you to notice that I am a true fan and get you to say hello
  • ems_again52I dont understand what it takes clearly. Maybe im too #persistent but i wont give up
  • n0p0st_Lol @ ur comments ... Only if u where a regular dude dang ... Nice pic @howuseeit
  • queen_23vHey Mr. Raymond. My name is Vicqueria K Smith and I am in need of your help. I am going to Howard University this fall to study dance. I need help with finances. If you can, please donate somthing towards my schooling. It would be a blessing. I am under Again, my name is Vicqueria K Smith and there is a short bio/letter attached. Thank You. I really hope you read this.
  • __nellllaHappy birthday boo😘
  • __flat__line____Ok ok i see you with the #squaddjuice tho whopp #glassonfull #orgnaw
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