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  • meredithschneiderLove the desk! 😉
  • keithhem2006Mmmm what record shall I break next !!
  • worldwideweezyI spoilt the sequence @richardbranson ... I made it 334 instead 333 likes... SO to me @weezyeffyzzie1
  • gstar_830@richardbranson can I work with you? I have so much to offer in terms if talent, ideas, and work ethic 😊
  • kcalcaneoLove this one
  • rezzy76You're thinking it's a good idea to send me to space on a one way ticket on Virgin Galactic!
  • psclhtmHired!
  • melsalive@richardbranson wish we had a boss who could drive a vision and listen to market feedback without a self inflated ego
  • haydencahilllCute hey @ellemcmullen
  • ellemcmullenHahahahaha you catch me everytime @haydencahilll
  • haydencahilllAlways 😋 @ellemcmullen
  • texasnomadPlease let me sit on the other side of that table and speak with you for a moment....we could help so many. @richardbranson
  • akshay.kalia@anilljoshi BossMan
  • any.ceeTroooooop top ! ! !
  • petefashioniconking@richardbranson .. Dear sir . You inspire me
  • monty55555Dear Richard
    I'm not sure if you will ever get a chance to read this email, but I thought I would give it ago anyway.
    I'm not very academic so you will have to bare with me.

    I have come up with a brilliant idea for running a lottery, I'm not sure if what I heard about you is true but basically I heard you wanted to buy the national lottery and instead of having one jackpot where one person would win millions of pounds, you wanted to bring that prize fund down and make a difference to lots of people than just one person winning millions. I agree and think the average person doesn't wants to win millions they would be over the moon just to win thousands of pound so they could buy a car, put an extension on their house, or go on a family holiday. In my eyes that would be a lot better, at the moment the national lottery has gone upto £2 and the possibility of ever winning the jackpot is 1 in 14 million.
    My idea is similar to the postcode lottery but, I have different idea about how we select what charities the new lottery locate their funding. Please I have a new complete way of playing the game.

    As I'm sure you can understand that I don't want to say to much about my idea before I hear something back because I would want someone taking my idea and changing it.
    I am asking for help, I have the idea, the layout, the whole thing, I am struggling on the legal side of things and need help creating the layers in the website.

    The national lottery has now joined business with the gambling Comission, so basically they control all gambling on lotterys. This is where I would need your input, to help me promote and get a gambling licence. This could also be a new challenge for you.

    I am happy to skype/email/telephone anything just 5 minutes of your time, if you don't think this can be achieved I would be delighted to hear your comments
    If you have read this I thank you for spending the time to do so

    Thomas Montgomery
    Sent from my iPad
  • reece4mozaWhat I call sitting on a rock @richardbranson. :)
  • 10ma77y01Im a young 20year old father of 1 ive had a struggle through life im an open minded person and good knowledge of business my hobbies are djing and hopefully gonna get my channel up in running in a few weeks im really passionate about that but cant financially support for equipment I own a housen exuactive house and live on job seekers alounce I studied when my partner was pregnant in bmc millfied college level 2 music technology and enjoyed it learning logic pro and abelton . I watch alot of dragons den and have my secret s to my fortune wrote down things I dream about good ideas I watch the doc about u putting faith in paul olkinfield wow thats amazing id love to learn somethings about synths from him gd guy but I just have had the chance in life hopefully ull read it @richardbranson
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