Much respect to @magicjohnson for helping the youth in Chicago by opening schools! Congrats!!to
  • commonMuch respect to @magicjohnson for helping the youth in Chicago by opening schools! Congrats!!to

  • beautifulsistersnailspaVery nice pic!!!
  • blessed2c_25If you want to know his IG name, how about you try Google. You obviously have internet to get on Instagram; trying doing some research.
  • ruth9beeGreat cause!
  • styleprogyrlSuper cool. I was just talking to my niece who attended any elementary and s High school that have both been closed down. That is so dope! Coming from West Chatham.. Its great to hear about positive change as it relates to where we're from. South Side.... Thanks Magic. Thanks Common..
  • mabilioficialMuts to respecttt man! Congratulations little nigga
  • way7cool1982I know its such a honor
  • tia_is_her_nameLove these 2 men!
  • fashion.chefAwesome
  • makk10x2rootscrewWhat's up big bro
  • theartistcierralynnCheck out this painting I did of u! It's dope!
  • vettelovelove
  • _hciv_Hey that young brotha is me that's crazy thanks common and magic for giving me the opportunity to spend the day with y'all
  • _marymary__💕👌☝🙏
  • euniquejg@aambing we should really think about heading to Chicago to finish out the shoots for the book.
  • ashleighbing@euniquejg nothin to it, but to do it!!
  • chaquadHamon
  • inmyownlane24Thats the same look Magic had in that "Yes you can graduate" poster!
  • akeemdaprynce@plzdonttazeme lmao word
  • baloo350What do you know about Dr Sebi @momo_beautystar ? Reason being I am about to start taking his products from a woman that sells them in philly she has her own raw foods restaurant and she looks good for her age I was really gonna go over and see him I'm just kind of scared of the unknown like what kinds of natural predators are in Out there in the wild can't have a wild animal run up in my hut 😂
  • the_art_of_momoHello @baloo350 & Good Morning. Dr. Sebi is known to have healed many individuals through his all natural plant based diet & supplements. What I can also share with you is, you yourself can also be a healer for yourself & others. We are all spiritually divine & must be aware that our body is our temple & what we consume will give us the outcome mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally. I can't tell you that I've tried any of his products because I haven't. However, I did some of my own research through his sites to help me out a bit with my vegan diet. There are many others out there who can also guide you such as "Abundance Child" "Dr Ali Muhammad" or "Minister Enqi". You can look them up on YouTube. These individuals study THE SCIENCE behind our raw foods. You'll be very surprised with the information they share. I wish you much success on your new found journey.
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