Help these amazing girls get some school funding. All you have to do is vote!
  • jason_mrazHelp these amazing girls get some school funding. All you have to do is vote!

  • 1sky4allIsn't everyone entitled to their opinion? Ignorant, that is a negative word? Every neighborhood Target gets there votes and some are more privileged. Thats been american common sense, not mine. I have always supported the schools and I do not feel obligated to promote advertisement of all the well to do la ti das' it is unreal?
  • daddiemolanIs that him? Why is he in a wheelchair with his head wrapped?
  • marlunamomentsOf course!
  • marlunamomentsHope it was Green Elementary
  • marlunamoments"They ask ...what would you like every student to have in their classroom?" I said Yoga mats
  • 1sky4allI have gratefully supported Jason his friends/team from the beginning. - All the promotes on Jasons' twitter for/ dif. friends companies and entrepreneurs got me trippin? but I also support my family so I am not surprised! A very important soul said Big means little and Little means big, and he meant it! All the promotions on Jasons page for ??? It is like media and distraction? I didn't want to think of Jason like that. We all know he cant fix ALL the schools, and it is not his responsibility at all, his freedom lies in choice. He is loyal to his friends and listeners, ... uplifting, and I will even speak at our elementary school for #yoga and #peace #equality #selfcontrol #selfesteem #health #etc. The #mrazedits I learned and created are pure #gratitude. I am LOVE, and have faith in all neighborhoods can choose love, to choose to support or "vote" their own school if they choose to Consume from Targets PR. My Mama is a tough 58 yr old in wheel chair, cancer fighter years. Toughest person i know and she can not offer anything but consideration and wisdom which teaches me future. Peace out ;)-~~~
  • tremaineeeLol that guy looks like zayn
  • junemooncycler@kseniawilde 😘
  • sha3rha87يازين اللي على اليمين ❤
  • fafibee@lisasanz88 heheheheh
  • margaridadantass!!!!
  • cutystarzKasiannyee
  • evenreeYou are a kind wizard!
  • instatickleYou help them w that avocado money
  • sweetsaralimeJessie
  • tereses_piecesPaulie Shore !
  • sharicaryLove Jesse!
  • poesia_de_tecla2Beautiful
  • manda.pandieThe cutest
  • fashionshoesforyouI will
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