Friday's video will show you how to transition your makeup into Autumn...and a major giveaway. Stay tuned! @ipsyofficial @emcosmetics
  • michellephanFriday's video will show you how to transition your makeup into Autumn...and a major giveaway. Stay tuned! @ipsyofficial @emcosmetics

  • beefcake_89@mollaaans finally someone with some fkn common sense. Shame its nit an asian girl, but usually a asian girls are too pathetic to admit it, because deep down they know it's the truth.
  • beefcake_89@pennyinherpocket stop trying to justify sellout white washing behaviour. It's pathetic.
  • pennyinherpocket@shiecake Why can't Asians try to look Western? Wanting to look Western doesn't neccessarily mean they hate Asian culture and how Asians look like, it just means that they like how Westerns look like and want to look the same. Most people that I know who got eyelid surgery is to have more eyelid space for eyeshadow because monolids don't have enough space to create creative and fun looks. More eyelids space is very important to beauty gurus. It's not necessarily to look Western. And we want to marry Western man because in our opinion, they look better. Just as some Westerns think Asians look better. It doesn't matter if Asians want to look Western or Westerns want to look Eastern. It's our own preferences as to how we want to look and I hope you'd respect that.
  • beefcake_89@pennyinherpocket you just posted one of the most stupid, ignorant, pathetic, sad, retarded posts I have ever read. You are one serious self hating delusional sellout if truly believe what you said. It s so sad the mentality of Asian women. I wish they had more self respect, pride in their heritage, culture and race. So many Have become white washed white wannabes. posts like yours makes me shake my head in disbelief and just total disappointment. Asian women need to wake up.
  • trashlheThat comment had no point to it but for your many insults! You need to wake up and mind you own business @shiecake
  • lauraaocampo_She fixed her eyelids because they were uneven. Where you got the information that she's not proud of who she is is beyond me.. @shiecake
  • beefcake_89@ashleythompsonn1 great informative response
  • beefcake_89@lauraaoh I guess by your logic she "fixed" her brown eyes to blue with contacts
  • theblondetheory_Look amazing with blue-green eyes
  • jva2009@obamasintern I agree with you. She is not going to admit to that bc that's how she creates her $$
  • jva2009@michellefawn why don't you want other girls to have those contacts? You are greedy for not sharing that info and you don't want other girls to look much better than you. Hater?
  • jva2009@lauraaocampo_ I agree with you!
  • anismardiana👀 @sheilamarsilla
  • sona.leagueShe has shared that info before. She's just not going to answer the same question 100000000000x @jva2009 what a dumb assumption
  • xzone8410You really need to stop generalizing asian people smh. You are very ignorant. And yes i have seen many white people trying to look asian. Do your research with "gyaru" it is spreading like fire in Europe and now the US. And yes i have seen many asian marry black and hispanics!! Sounds like you live under a damn rock! I am multi racial myself, and you have no right speaking the way you do about asian people!! Smh! Shame on you. @shiecake
  • xzone8410I'm not sure if you've heard of Venus Angelic, and Ligyaru but you can find them on youtube. They're a great example, esp if you type in gyaru makeup for western eyes...gyaru is basically a subculture in the Japanese industry. A lot of my non Asian friends love the fashion and i do too 😜...and yes I do agree that it is shallow how people stereotype just because of skin, eye, hair color/type etc. as for colored eyes, my aunt, and my cousin has green eyes which was from our great grandmother except she's Turkish/Middle Eastern. Most of my family has either hazel to medium brown eyes... Same for my dad's side, but blue eyes on his mother's side cuz of the Portuguese/French... Im not sure if the French are considered white? :P but i find it quite common in our culture to have colored eyes though...I was quite shocked when I first visited the Philippines, many of the people there look white esp in Cebu... Blue eyes speaking in our native language and they are half or 1/4 of foreign blood...sorry so loooong, thought i'd share 😖 @ibitterblue
  • xzone8410Oh and this one guy has gone through plastic surgery to look Asian... To make himself look like a Korean pop star- it was on the news... Thought he was white but he's from Brazil...i think that was way too extreme... @ibitterblue
  • xzone8410No, i am basing my facts on people around me and research. It doesn't end with those two girls i had mentioned which is why i suggested you look at gyaru fashion esp in europe on youtube. They were just an easy example since they are popular. It will show you all the men and women from England, France Spain etc raving all over the Japanese trend. And circle lenses- yes a lot of white people esp in the gyaru/ulzzang subculture wear dark lenses. It's not always about colored ones lol. When it comes to eyelid surgery, Koreans are notoriously known for getting eyelid surgery. So i wouldn't really generalize "all Asians" on that issue. It's like comparing them to Filipinos. Totally different culture and physical appearance...yes true, we all dye our hair whatever color because it looks good depending on skin tone. Not to necessarily look like a certain race. Like i went totally light ash blonde 2 yrs ago (my profile pic and somewhere in my ig) because i merely wanted a softer change since i have the skin tone/features for it anyway.. Regardless of race, some people look better blonde, brunette or look good in both... And it's fun to reinvent ourselves sometimes. And i personally find it fun cuz no one could really tell what i am even more when i was blonde. I guess that's also the benefit of being multi-racial. @ibitterblue
  • xzone8410Perhaps you don't but where I am and from what ive seen, many do. I wouldn't generalize what race looks better in what.... @ibitterblue
  • xzone8410But I like how that light blonde hair with your dark eyebrows gives you a nice edgy look though.. @ibitterblue
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