Just add fruit. #instagood #smoothies #food #KitchenAid #Kohls
  • kohlsJust add fruit. #instagood #smoothies #food #KitchenAid #Kohls

  • nevergivnupI so need a new blender! One day! (=
  • zaheera129What's a good food processor? I have one and the noise is horrific!!
  • kohlsHey @maria_madision_! What a great question! This KitchenAid blender is priced at $159.99 but there are rebates available. It's ONLINE ONLY, so make sure to enter the Web ID 94280835 into Kohls.com to learn more. Also, this gorgeous color, Liquid Graphite, is only available at Kohls.
  • kohlsThat sounds delicious @moninarocks!
  • kohlsOh no @zaheera101! We can help with that! When selecting your new food processor, make sure it has a heavy chassis to keep it from "walking" across your counter. Also make sure it's at least 9 cups ( that sounds huge but when you're processing liquid ingredients, the bowl capacity is nearly cut in half!). A wide feed tube also cuts down on the mess. #KitchenAid has a 9-cup and a 13-cup food processor (both are on sale and have rebates available). Both models have simple controls and excellent safety features. Let us know what you find!
  • kohlsIn the near future?! @nevergivnup. We have great #KitchenAid blenders available ONLINE ONLY - and there are rebates available ;)
  • marylandgirl715I was just looking at blenders in kohls yesterday.. I think I'm leaning towards ninja any thoughts?
  • laur_ashley7@marylandgirl715 we had a regular blender for years. We switched to a ninja last year and I actually don't like it. The lid is sealed so tightly it's almost impossible to remove every time.
  • grisalsitaI need a new blender asap! Any revomendations? I use it primarily for smoothies and baby food
  • empressnormi@marylandgirl715 I absolutely LOVE my Ninja!! I use it primarily for smoothies, but it's also really good for like shredding chicken for tacos & the like. The seal is very snug, but not that much that it should be a deterrent.
  • kohls@laur_ashley7 @grisalsita You should look for a glass pitcher with a tight fitting lid, a removable stainless steel blade (for easy clean-up), a pulse mode and at least 350 watts of power. Both Ninja and KitchenAid offer phenomenal options –they both have a non-slip and weighted base, touchpad control and dispenser spouts. Go with your gut instinct! To see each blender individually, go to Kohls.com and enter the Web ID's 91217262 (Ninja) and 94280835 (KitchenAid). Let us know what you find!
  • kohlsThat advice is for you too @marylandgirl715! ;)
  • kohlsThanks for weighing in @empressnormi @laur_ashley7!
  • crushgrrljenI want the back splash
  • kohlsIt's pretty fantastic, isn't it? @crushgrrljen
  • jennymackotter@kohls. Nice! Sadly the movers lost the bottom to our very expensive blender/food processor. Such is military life. Boo find out bottom was missing after deadline to make claims on damage/losses. @kohls any possible future giveawys for this kind of blender??? #hoping
  • jennymackotterWill have to keep my eye out for next scratch off and sale!
  • kohlsThat's the worst @jennymackotter! What brand was the blender/food processor?
  • jennymackotter@kohls it was a vitamix we needed it to blend supplements into our son's food. He (our son) needs nutrition and calorie boost to his foods. I have the top part but not the bottom, motor part. Lesson learned. :-(
  • kohlsOh no! I'm so sorry @jennymackotter. We hope you find a great replacement soon. There is a rebate available for this blender (Web ID 94280835) :)
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