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  • thekenyamooreMe and @velvetthedog today #liesloserstell #loveofmylife

  • sabrinaclay01sorry for your loss
  • missmikaelaraeI just wanted to say that I'm sorry about Velvet- makes me cry every time I watch Housewives. It's horrible that people can even say the things they have about the situation- it's something that no one should ever go through. My little one was attacked by a coyote and while she was in the hospital, unsure if she'd make it, those thoughts that I might have to be without her is a feeling that only people who have that kind of love and connection with their dogs would ever understand. I hope that you have been able to start feeling better! 💗
  • missmikaelarae@thekenyamoore
  • soror_vv💜🐶❤
  • pink.revolverLol why do these ppl bash you & don't even know you? Lol. Smh sad af
  • karens__daughter@thugpack4life do u even have a HS education?? U sound like you've been a convict more than a free citizen. Go ~~~~> that way.
  • stardarrip pretty girl 😘
  • serenityplus4So cute , I know you miss her " but the memories will always be "
  • chyna_in_pinkCutest baby ever rip I know u miss the baby
  • niy._.niyR.i.p velvet you seemed like a very playful and fun dog
  • jerzeybeautyR.i.p. Velvet... You can tell velvet was so loved :)
  • zephoria28Really yall some dirty nasty people if your gonna come in here and say that she just made a vidoe sayin velvets alive df
  • fabmagzRIP Velvet:(
  • danielspeaksAwww
  • lifepwn@erincoolnessyall
  • _britbrat_24@d_billy89
  • tiedyemermaid91I've just watched the episode where you lost velvet I'm in tears !!! :( it's so hard to even think about loosing my little guy he's now 10 you were so lucky to have velvet for the time you did she brought joy to your life and you loved her so much and she returned that love she was a gentle soul 💜
  • miss_s.savvy_Rip velvet so cute but Sade and happy in doggie heaven @thekenyamoore xxx
  • dear_ricoAwww, so sweet! RIP Velvet. 😘🐶
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