Are you #ArmorTough? Post a photo with #ArmorTough for a chance to win an Armor Series case, @OspreyPacks bag, @MultitaskerTools & more!
  • otterboxAre you #ArmorTough? Post a photo with #ArmorTough for a chance to win an Armor Series case, @OspreyPacks bag, @MultitaskerTools & more!

  • otterbox@mr49south Sorry to hear that, make sure you contact us for a replacement:
  • otterbox@_anthonyambrosio_ We do have a few options available for the Razr M on!
  • wenk19@otterbox OTTERBOX will not replace your phone if box leaks. I have had 2 ARMOR CASES that leaked and am out $200. Be weary.
  • otterbox@wenk19 So sorry to hear about your phone, unfortunately we are not able to cover any device or smartphone under warranty. Please email us at
  • wenk19@otterbox, that should be something clearly posted on box, right next to WATERPROOF. Otherwise you guys have no responsibility to make a case that is truly waterproof. Otterbox could market their case to protect against anything. If the case failed, it doesn't matter.The customer is the one that is going to pay the price, not otterbox. Accountability otterbox. You guys have none of it. #lifeproof is the way to go.
  • gibby_silva529I have an idea. Why not in the build your own OtterBox, why not let us mix and match the front and back plastic color. It just an idea. @otterbox
  • jacob_johns0n@otterbox I have a prefix case for my iPod touch 5 it ripped but I have it like I would like it carbon instead is that possible??
  • mr49south@otterbox thank you will be sending in tomorrow
  • nickm157@otterbox please follow @swagmaster264
  • otterbox@_jacob_johnson_ Our apologies, but we don't quite understand your question?
  • otterbox@i_am_gibby Thanks for the suggestion!
  • otterbox@wenk19 We certainly do stand behind our own products, and warranty OtterBox cases. Unfortunately we are not able to warranty anything manufactured by another company, such as a device.
  • jacob_johns0n@otterbox lime not like autocorrect #fail #dyac
  • otterbox@_jacob_johnson_ You're asking about switching out colors? Your warranty covers the same product that was originally purchased, so we would send you the same color that you currently have.
  • coloradolifeHas a winner been picked yet?
  • otterbox@coloradolife Yes, we'll post that information soon!
  • ty_schneiwill you make an ipod armour case?
  • justinbwilsonDo you have an otter box for a lg venice? @otterbox
  • you_aint_got_it77Can u make one for,LG MACH
  • you_aint_got_it77@otterbox
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