Wait, that's a thing?
  • jonacuffWait, that's a thing?

  • juliesibley@ncsuchieftain when I was in elementary we had HS drivers. We got pulled over for speeding. One of our drivers also drove standing up. At the time it seemed awesome, but looking back . . .
  • erinschaffnerwhat?!?!
  • hutcha3sons@aprlnjon
  • chelsea.hiteLol!
  • natashabeingww@acecrage14
  • loriski😐 Not with any kids onboard, I hope.
  • magnitudusHa! Welcome to my world. My dad is a 73 yr old retired pastor now and a part time bus driver. Every time I think of that I remember the many times he drove 100 miles an hour down long flat highways in eastern Colorado with me and my brother, unbelted, playing in the back seat, and I shudder.
  • lancesnowI showed my oldest son. He thought that meant a student, like him, is driving. What's better is he's in first grade.
  • gailynnEverybody's gotta learn.
  • aspenbluegrassIf the bus burns rubber from a stop, you'll know.
  • jodibeereAt the high school I attended in South Carolina, it was a senior "privilege" to drive the school bus!!! (This was back in the 80's)
  • jenniferocain@jodibeere I'm from SC and almost all our high school bus drivers were high school students. Crazy my momma let me get on that thing!!
  • mrsjulesfernandezWhat!?????!!!!!!!
  • patrickhwestMaybe it was hijacked by and actual student.
  • tryssap@jonacuff missed you at the Orlando EntreLeadership today!! :(
  • pelosphotosThis is perfect.
  • jazqulynGood one.
  • deneenlevyNo it makes so much sense, they drive students, hence they are a student driver ;), I hope that's what it means
  • sohailchouhanTo cut cost they've laid off all the drivers and this is how students get credit for driving school.
  • mrandmrsmentoThey laid off the driver's ed cars.
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