Love #ASOS curve? Get a load of these new A/W13 beauties!
  • asosLove #ASOS curve? Get a load of these new A/W13 beauties!

  • alanacarlech@renatafbarros
  • renatafbarrosIgual @alanacarlech
  • heymichaelaI ordered express shipping and said I would receive my parcel today and I haven't ?
  • y_9.7❤❤❤❤
  • irebananasI love the left style  I wonder why everyone is making such a big deal. It's ASOS 'curve', not ASOS 'fat'. She is curvy - she is not like the regular ASOS models, right? Who can deny that? Super gorgeous too!
  • asos@heymichaela Sorry it's not with you yet! @ASOS_heretohelp can check this out for you
  • asos@kerryschiggins We love hearing our customers feedback so thanks for letting us know your thoughts! We'll defo get them passed on!
  • asos@aliceheide @ASOS_heretohelp can look into this right away for you!
  • asosHey guys, we <3 feedback so thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts, we’ve shared your views with our Curve model booker. We try and book models of all shapes and sizes and often have fitting days where we invite our lovely customers. Keep a look out on our Facebook page and your emails too - we’d love you to get involved.
  • aliceheideHow? Should I text you again pr mail? @asos
  • ajaysaroe@nonna_edmo Oh hello sexy
  • ssolomon_I'm looking for the one on the right all over asos and I can't find it :( someone please tell me what to search ? Must Have it
  • salvo.minutiYOU ARE AMAZING!
  • lizakithSecond the requests for a tall range!
  • ljc291I model and am a size 10 and have done plus size stuff and been called fat by ugly old photogs with beer bellies.i am nearly 5ft 10.the fashion industry is fucked up.i just do beauty work now-less hassles.the industry in general really needs to consider what 'real' women actually look like
  • ljc291A UK 10-8 on bottom! A usa 6.just so you get an idea of how twisted modelling is
  • jnr212I never understand ASOS curve. I see so many outfits on that part if the site that I would like to buy but curve only starts at size 18, when the models look a size 10/12. Well how are they wearing the clothes and they look the right size if they only start at an 18??
  • deeeanita@jnr212 I shop size 18 UK which is size 14 USA they always fit a bit loose but I still buy them cuz I love their clothes! So whatever size your normal in the US add 4 to it that's UK sizing hope i helped!
  • jnr212Thanks @deeeanita I am from England and a UK 12 so there still a bit big. I did try a top once but it didn't look right. Such a shame they don't go to a UK size 12/14. Thanks though :)
  • melissafffI agree 100% it's hard to order when the models don't look like me please hire plus size models so we have a better idea what the clothes will look like
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