Morning training with Alex Ariza #TEAMRIOS #PacRios
  • brandon_rios1Morning training with Alex Ariza #TEAMRIOS #PacRios

  • ijediHell Yeah!!! Putting in that work!!!!!
  • eddydevill3Brandon isn't margarito
  • ramborachi7Reading this eating andv eating tacos. Tacos > Balut
  • stxvjrWhaath why with alex ariza. Can somebody explane this to me.
  • eddydevill3arias was fired by Pac he's a good coach and great pawn in Rios team
  • shivaboxing@stevethegreatest @thedudemarquez Right. Great move by Rios Camp. Alex probably knows Pacman's strengths & weakness in terms of conditioning, and he'll impart that knowledge to Rios.
  • valdiviaboxing@shivaboxing you are so right that's what I said this will make the fight so interesting. @thedudemarquez @stevethegreatest follow me I am 1-0 1 KO and being scouted by top rank soon to be signed by them
  • tailor.made_jaAlex not going to do anything but possibly over work rios.. They added him to late. They need time to learn eachother. All in all I believe Alex would give info on what PAC lacked. But come fight anything is possible but Manny loves forward open fighters! My heart is for Brandon on this and if there is anyone to retire Manny Brandon should be the guy unless Manny shows up like he needs to prove something
  • doggpoundgs@brandon_rios1 IM EXPECTING A REALLY GOOD FIGHT 4rm you! WOOP SOME ASS!!
  • elviejon5Compa eso es buenísimo para el ejercicio échele ganas
  • elrickycastro@alexjamora - well said bro
  • eddydevill3too late child please
  • johnz7195@latinsnake310 haha
  • crazerina@alexjamora thanks for that "expert analogy" coach. Smh!
  • alexjamora@crazerina he asked. My initial comment was one line.
  • beastmoderoyAriza was fired by Roach.. not PacMan. Pacman didn't want him to leave..
  • damianb90Alex Ariza gets fired and goes to the enemy, sucker!!!
  • fredypina_@filipinoboii22 I think it was freddie roach that said he didn't want Alex Working with them so manny said "I hired him so ill fire him" some shit like that
  • beastmoderoyNo freddie asked manny if they shouls fire ariza then manny said, you hired him. So freddie fired ariza. @freddypina_
  • gsb933Hahhaha you fat fuck
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