A quick tea break between meetings & shows at #LFW.  @zanitazanita
  • nordstromA quick tea break between meetings & shows at #LFW. @zanitazanita

  • marcellinig@neeloferlodhy tooootally your lifestyle/accessories though!
  • cramwoes@nordstrom can I work for you? I live in London and know lots of good tea spots!!!
  • neeloferlodhy@marcellinig haha yeah absolutely
  • sophiamageeIs that watch available at Nordstrom?! Absolutely must have it @nordstrom
  • p_hopps@linny_d16 I wanna be her
  • linny_d16@linny_d16 same. Her lifestyle seems fabbbbb
  • iamleen_leenYes! I must have that watch....details please!!
  • troubleaxleLove the purse!
  • gix2leeLovely moment captured
  • nordstromThanks for asking @magmat412 and @mrsacormier . There's a good chance it's either from a private collection or isn't available until Spring 2014. Check out a similar item that we currently offer by searching for item 688290 on Nordstrom.com. Thanks again. - Patricia
  • _robertafonseca:)
  • nordstromThis bag is definitely a stunning piece, @gabriella3142. It's quite possibly the bag is item that may become available in Spring 2014 or from a personal collection. For a similar bag we carry on Nordstrom.com, search for item 911796. Hope this helps! - Patricia
  • nordstromThanks for your interest @lindyn18 and @sophiamagee . The watch is either from a private collection or isn't available until Spring 2014. To find a similar watch we carry, search for item 544120 on Nordstrom.com Thanks again. - Patricia
  • nordstromWe think it's a stunning piece of arm candy too, @leenlovespictures. There's a good chance it's either unavailable until Spring 2014 or from a private collection. If you interested, we currently offer a similar item on Nordstrom.com. Just search for item 554591. Hope this helps. - Patricia
  • nordstromThanks for your interest, @cramwoes. While we do not have any openings in London, feel free to copy & paste this link: http://bit.ly/16cxcUv into your web browser to view what positions we currently have open. Thanks again. - Patricia
  • nordstromHello, @leekriel. The camera lens is is a Canon 85mm 1.2 (or f/1.2). Hope this helps. - Patricia
  • lori_a_rogersI need red boots Nordstrom
  • leekrielThank you Patricia!
  • nordstromThanks for reaching out to us, @lori_a_rogers. Be sure to check out our current selection of red boots by pasting the following link into your web browser: http://bit.ly/1gyX4zG. Happy shopping! -Brittney
  • anapaulaosantosOlha @bitencourtmariana tudo que eu gosto: cafe, bolsa, oculos, foto ...
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