Jonathan Bernier made his Leafs debut in the Leafs 3-2 shootout loss to the Flyers.
  • mapleleafsJonathan Bernier made his Leafs debut in the Leafs 3-2 shootout loss to the Flyers.

  • massimo__He's going to be a beauty !👌
  • robbiemariettaPeople talking shit about bernier? He let in 1 goal off a Deflection on 22 shots.. Mcintyre let the goals in, but last but not least it's preseason is completely different hockey, don't judge until the actual season has started...
  • mrsptobe_We'll see when the season starts. I don't doubt he's good, that whole team needs a wake up call and to take it seriously
  • ccarroll84I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Bernier wants to be a real starting goaltender he must work on his shootout performance. He always had trouble with the shootout in LA, hopefully he can get better with more starts in Toronto
  • nfehlings@ccarroll84 he wasn't in net during the shootout
  • oley4949He only played half a game only goal was deflection off frasers skate then half game they switched goalie.... Both teams did just like game one, bernier played good
  • jessicah_327Leafs didn't want that win last night. We had em no problem. Even Randy was laughing. It's preseason....they're goofing off. GO LEAFS GO!!!
  • omegaisjust@voulitis what are freaking out about over Bernier? How much hockey could even watch in Greece... Bernier is a hybrid stand up goalie, he looked odd to you maybe as that style is next to extinct. Don't chirp something you know nothing about... it makes you look like a troll.
  • collinjuoni# go leafs go
  • ccarroll84Thank you for the correction @nfehlings, I had some misinformation about the game
  • mrsptobe_@omegaisjust me being Greek has nothing to do with hockey. I've lived in Canada my whole life. Again ill say this since you clearly can't read. I don't doubt he is a good goalie, he needs to shake the nervous and get in the game. @_potter86 can you believe this guy called me a troll? Bahahah! What a loser
  • mrsptobe_Btw I'm completely team Reimer
  • navjotahaayTEAM RYHTME TIME!
  • eugeneluisPre-season is a few games deep and Bernier is already getting criticism? He is a good goalie and that was his first game! Deflection goal on 22 shots, I'd say he did pretty good.
  • kieran_a13@voulitis lol are you for real? It's pre season, get a grip and wait till the season starts when we have a full lineup playing.
  • necktattsLeaves are soft! Go bruins.
  • jayden.dosLeafs are better... Well I like them anyway
  • thehockeyeditsHow bout that BRAWL? Bernier powned!!
  • trillchrisss__I watched that
  • carlitoswayy8482-0 16-0 @m_colombo88 #deadteam
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