Vogue Netherlands: art or awkward?  #beautifulbfing #bfing #breastfeeding #fashion
  • theleakyboobVogue Netherlands: art or awkward? #beautifulbfing #bfing #breastfeeding #fashion

  • chelseaadamI think the bonnet is a vogue take on puritans and the detached look is very portrait like of that time so I think they accomplished what they set out to do. I get the impression they are suggesting that non-normalized breastfeeding is like a step back but feel like I would need to see the entire issue to really know what the photo is supposed to represent. I like it though.
  • katerraczArt! And I love it. Everyone complains that breastfeeding needs to be seen more in order to be considered normal, then it is criticized and branded as "awkward" when it is shown in an artistic, unusual way. In my opinion, the more people who see a nursing mom and babe, the better whether she's a model in a strange outfit, breast exposed, or your average everyday mom nursing with a cover.
  • randiworldI think it really depicts a modern women/ mother breast feeding. She looks detached and her mind is busy. She looks on the go. Very modern. Yet the clothing head gear is old fashioned.... its very interesting. Definitely art... not the type of emotion I want to feel from a breastfeeding image...but its art.
  • iwakesheepleArt
  • jenihollandIt's a fashion/portrait style image. It's not going to have the typical "loving moment" feel to it. You wouldn't expect Davinci to paint like Picasso. That's the awesome thing about art, it doesn't have to fit into a preconceived mold.
  • rambling_caliAgreed with some girls above. Def art but not my FAV way to capture bfing and the bond. Though I do love that they are holding hands
  • michelle_naomi_A modernist view of an image seen throughout history, woman and child or Madonna and child. Underlying commentary about natures most primal and natural act becoming yet another "plastic" materialization in modern society. Yet the bond remains, the hand holding says it all. Art.
  • emparkinson10It's a little weird, but the Dutch are pretty weird. 😳
  • endlessgypsysoulArt. Different but art. The reason being the volumes it speaks. One may think it's a cold calculated depiction of a beautiful bond, others may think it's a beautiful fashion inspired depiction. I think what's great is that it's both of those things. She is a model which is more or less seen in society as animated mannequins, to be seen and not heard, to sell us things and do nothing more. Yet here she is being do much more, loving and nourishing someone who thinks she is the moon sun and stars. She's saying, "I am more than you think." And the baby is saying, "she is everything." And She's breastfeeding at work which is just awesome.
  • theadventuresofkayaDefinitely art. It makes me wonder how the breastfeeding photos of this era will be perceived in the future.
  • sincerelyseleneI love it. We'd all lying if we said we ALWAYS stare into our babies eyes. I can multi task while nursing and we'll this at looks like she's distracted but still connected hence the holding hands (:
  • veganunschoolingmomart cause it makes you think
  • jrheagrinnanI like it :)
  • mookie_bellaLooks like she is listening to haters telling her to stop bf or NIP. Not looking at baby, but still connected with the hands.
  • kwmommaI would say art but I am not a fan. Of course there are many pieces of art that I don't like. ...not going to like it bc it is a bfeeding pic and i am a supporter .it reminds more of the famous pic with the couple with the pitchfork.
  • thatmugglemommaLooks like a Lady Gaga hat... I think she wore that to the VMAs. Lol
  • angelaimbimboArt most definitely! I really like what @mavs_mommy said about being connected with her hands, very touching :). Why can't America be like this? A woman from Russia told me if a woman does not bf her infant they automatically think something is wring with the mother or child. She said women in Russia are just feeding their children out in public with no discrimination. If I were to feed my 32 month old in public with no cover I would get so many disgusting looks, and I have!!
  • redheadrach2@missmalloryknox please use your big ta tas to boobfeed. Im def gonna one day.
  • missmalloryknox@redheadrach2 you know I will. If he will take them. I hope they don't scare him.
  • ojeananneHah! I guess art.. But it's definitely funny with just the hats on! I like it!
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