• creaturecomfortsBesties!

  • ilianasnotebookMelting... That is so swet!
  • ilianasnotebookHa! Sweet!
  • xenoteesMini lion!
  • paperandashSo adorable! My heart just grew a bit!
  • cafenohut💛
  • beltycOmg @loashbro
  • tristanbThis is the sweetest pic ever:)
  • ritzybeeOh my! 💛
  • dorkysramosGoodness it doesn't even look real. So adorable.
  • martajeronimoWow, how did you manage? I'm going to adopt a kitten soon and I'm so scared him and the dog won't get along (my late cat hated the dog, it was hell)
  • peppermintgranbergOh for crying out loud.
  • creaturecomforts@martajeronimo We've just been taking it really slow. First we let them get to know each other through the door for a day (Junipurr is in my daughter's room), then we moved on to one or two minute sessions where we held both of them in the same room but not near each other. Our dog wore his harness to help keep him calm. Then we've just increased exposure since then. They still don't have unlimited access to each other, but we're getting there. 😊
  • martajeronimoThank you! I'll try that. I really hope they can get along, be friends even. The dog gets along fine with cats, he wants to play with them (bows and then jumps around as if they are dogs) it's the cats that hate him. We're choosing one who is accustomed to seeing other dogs at the rescue center so it might be easier, hopefully. Thank you again for the advice 😊
  • blueshineartSweet
  • luckylife2008What?! Sweetest thing ever!! 😍
  • maryjomatsumotoAww!  
  • courtneyfikriSo cute!
  • chrisandkayOh Junipurr,💓💓💓💓💓💓.
  • melanie_biehle!!!!!!
  • profumodilavanda❤️❤️❤️
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