Jackson Pollock's house - look at the floors of his studio
  • drewbarrymoreJackson Pollock's house - look at the floors of his studio

  • catalinadanielle@alexshakar
  • inkproofI need to visit there ASAP!!. Where is it exactly?! And you rock by the way. Next time you're in Montreal I'm tattooing ya. 🙌👌
  • allieray@lyndsiiisanders I feel like you would appreciate this
  • gr8isaaU look the same as in ever after so beautiful @drewbarrymore
  • abbeywhittonOMG I love you so much!! Watched blended 6 times ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • ere_l@raquelgrem mira la t-shirt 😍
  • raquelgremAmigaaaaa!!! @ere_l lo maximo!
  • sarandipitousrexI adore you to bits. You seem to always just be yourself, and your strength and choices have been inspirational since I was a terrified 12 year old (I'm 31 now) reading my YM magazine. Mad Love and Ever After are some of my favorite films. Thank you for being you, and sharing that with the world :)
  • cnaretta1975Wow! That would give me chills to be in that room...crazy to think of all of the amazing art and madness contained in those walls😳 If they could talk... I love the floors though!!! @drewbarrymore
  • rapidos_furiosos7👸 you are a princess!!! @drewbarrymore
  • renea75That's amazing!
  • jillslaneyWOW....that had to be cool!!!
  • cguedescruzLove pollock
  • victoriadesignsnycI was there! Loved seeing his studio ❤️
  • laynaloo1009You ma'am are my idol! You are the most beautiful woman, besides my mom of course! I would love to meet you, you also remind me alot of my sister, I think you guys look like twins!!!
  • ncammoratano clue if you'll even see this but I adore that shirt -- stripes and polka dots are my happy place. where is it from? (shot in the dark -- had to ask!)
  • mistyfmagical~
  • kittikatsmeowWowww... so so surreal!
  • emily_r123Your just a natural beauty Drew Barrymore. I would love to meet you one day that would super cool. 💐🌸🌷🌻🌺 later lovely lady!
  • jadeja_kuldipsinh_dont know wht to say but u are my since i watched charlis angwls
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