• diddyALL DAY!

  • laughingdead_306@codie379
  • donsonmeImma do me n imma stay true...this all started from two dudes..if u dis me then u dis him n hell naw we don't play dat shhh...we squad up my niccaz standing hand guns we do it chopper ol boy from no limit..we got the ps n we stay grandma mary she fed me greens...I guess that's y I still keep them beans...n hell yea I got dem collards fake as pimp quit poppn yo collar...u niccaz so broke u can't spell dollar...n I'm Mr clean but I ain't me on isle 9 no grocery shopn...let me find out y'all cars come from da auction
  • yogoodhair@cwbrooklyn you too #plussignliving
  • swizztopherUncle Rush ... I am present for #peace. cc: @revwon
  • only_1_yellow_foxI try... Its hard tho..
  • bronx1600Always positive don't think u remember I'm baby finster from m o b minors out on bail from Mca with James earl jones jr y'all inspired my career u will here me soon
  • haabaysnehBe inspired
  • bronx1600Want u to here the song I did about that situation
  • ricostaysolidd@iamdiddy i tried yesterday, but one of my coWorkers was having a badd day and he hates his life so he tried to bring me down with so i told him straight up. "just because your negative doesnt mean you have to pass it on to your coWorkers!" i almost knocked him out but he said sorry. Im trying to do big things like you @iamdiddy !!!!!!!!
  • misterwonderfull@sugabeercherry
  • cashdupI do! It works....
  • donsonmeFlk dat ish a nicca stayed positive...y u think I ain't caught a arm robbery..if its going on in the streets n it ain't cone threw me then flk boy we gotta a problem...n I don't roll wit no pistol imma goblin...its Halloween time but we don't were mask I'm bare face when I up this mac u said I do a funny dance fuk nicca take dat
  • donsonmeKeep DAT shit real...I made the whole field feel some type away...ask my nicca doe b let him find out ya niccaz want pistol play...holl up let me get gotti on the phone...dis pussy niccaz want act right let me find that nicca who threatened my wife...boy flk yo gang flag I been had stripes...migo gang 580 mz we bout DAT life...ayyyo meek told u stupid mutha flkers that is levels to dis tell me who u thank iam my nigga french told y'all niccas trap go ham....haaaan I'm who they talk bout n da trap house...I been had a private jet u no what I'm talkn bout
  • lsr131ad@donsonme are you rapping on his time line? Bawhahahaha #wack try youtube ;) lmfao
  • ruthylightfoot@milneanna @the_lips9 👍
  • pr.711
  • thralonnie#iamrevolt (u tube 'Alex o factor' )
  • lorini326Love ya, Diddy. You're so uplifting. Even the simplest words have a huge impact. It's why you are who you are and where you are. Keep 'em Coming!!!! GO...!!!!
  • sexyface72Got to no other way to be :)
  • girlpowerempireThink big. Like colossal, out the box. I'm on a mission to be the youngest female with the most placement on board of directors. My voice must be heard because my opinion & leadership skills are priceless. I will not fail. This is a team effort so we can all reach new heights of production & success. You ready?
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