Testing this, my actual instagram. For actuals. You can tell because that's my actual eye.
  • vrothbooksTesting this, my actual instagram. For actuals. You can tell because that's my actual eye.

  • kitkat3600Omg!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your books makes me slightly wish our society could be fractions😂 an amazing book!!! You are my favorite author and I hope you make more amazing books!! Have a nice day:)
  • little_bitty_kinsy27I love you Veronica! You are so beautiful and smart!
  • woodleynews❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • queenofmaasI love you so much! I have read the whole divergent series over ten times!! Literally! You are my inspiration and I have the goals of becoming an author just like you when I am older!! Yes, I am only twelve but I can always dream!! I own Two copies of each book! And I have the movie and a bunch of posters!! Thanks for your amazing books! They are inspiring and they help me as I am going through bullying!! I love you, thanks for your books, Bella Xx 💖💖
  • panic_swimmer13I love you and your books!!!! I also love Theo James😍😍 and I pretty much base everything off of Divergent just ask anyone at my school! I think you made a great decision in Alligent and yeah I just think you are the best author alive!!!!!😘😘
  • _martina.nicolosi_You are my Heroe. Stop. #LoveYouSoMuchHeroe
  • makayla.shaylaI agree with grace_weberg_13 and divergent_runner_everlark you are an amazing author and always inspiring. I love your writing!❤️ I've probably read the divergent series 20 times and counting. I love you! @vrothbooks
  • fancy_trisYou are my hero
  • angg.obrienyou are my hero and my favorite book in the divergent collection is Divergent!! I LOVE YOU. @vrothbooks
  • 4004pmI LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! Your such an amazing writer 😭🙈 I love you!!! 💙
  • kateedoddsAhhhh she is so cute @hattie.friesen
  • hattie.friesenThat's adorable 😂 @xkate.dodds
  • ildivergente😂😍❤
  • areej789Hii i am a huge fan and i need your help i tried dm you alot but you never replied please i hope you notice me
  • _katie.mckay^caption😂 @carly_skye_
  • carlyskye_😂😂 @katie.bluex
  • makena_v@majesticsloth7 caption
  • 46.lost.divergents❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • ana12hitaHBD 🎉🙈😘
  • allisonseoAnd hair, and nose, and mouth, and shoulder 😂
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