frankly i prefer some heinz and french's. cc: waverly inn.
  • zacharyquintofrankly i prefer some heinz and french's. cc: waverly inn.

  • dechtire_carrowHeinz . All the way. #retroketchupbottles
  • eliacheungGood night.
  • inzieaAre u there? I went to your show at 15th,, and I wanna go again tomorrow!!!
  • inzieaIt's fabulous!!!!
  • greenbloodedxxI wish I was in america Zach. Hope you are well c:
  • negortzach, you mean so much to me. love you and I hope you are doing well, have a great rest of the day @zacharyquinto
  • cosplayfu(from Tumblr) Zachary Quinto will attend the 9/22 THE 65TH PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS [ picture link: ]
  • cosplayfuLooking forward to gd new~~~ LOVE~~
  • danyisnotonfireI love your smiley faces. They make my day
  • peytonols@danyisnotonfire they weren't smiley faces, he was saying cc: waverly inn lol
  • 001miko100Yes. Heinz is the ONLY ketchup. The other brands are just not. The end.
  • lolopops88You should taste Irish Chef sauce it's like steak sauce with that mustard on a sandwich. Way to your heart. I'll give it to monte haught for u :-)
  • vulcan_bloggerHeinz ketchup is awesome!!! The best!
  • queen_ofgondorI could seriously put ketchup on my ketchup lol
  • ben_in_bwwe make only the best ketchup in nyc. try the spiced!
  • tracishI had dinner there last tuesday - wasn't impressed
  • debbieleafYou cannot beat good old English mustard xxx
  • thaliahhebertpoor Wendy
  • whitneyvirginia@savannah10550 bye
  • _madiprice_Colman is my mums last nam but it spelt c o l e m a n
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