• devybMagical.
  • dangamache10Is that how big you feel when you get to wear your pants down? @tonytwobags
  • lukejax77Fuego kid
  • jsanchez246Awesome pic Big T
  • playinforkeeps22Chubby Nutzzzzz I see YOUUU
  • jaketrautman11Congrats buddy! You've just hit a homerun!
  • kubiteddieYou crushed that ball today 2nd of the season
  • mannyp35Boss
  • danielmcannonKeep battling. Beat'em Bucs!
  • braydonmeyersMy life is baseball. Are there any tips you can give me? Keep grindin. Good luck in the playoffs
  • zacha19Great pic. Thanks for hooking up tickets in SF a couple months back. This is Zach, My mom is Debbie and Kitty is my God Mother. Look forward to seeing you out there next year. Congrats on the season!
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