Sunday! Jarring Tomatoes! @joegorga @JacLaurita @chris_laurita @CarolineManzo @ashleeholmes @laurenmanzo @albiemanzo
  • melissagorgaSunday! Jarring Tomatoes! @joegorga @JacLaurita @chris_laurita @CarolineManzo @ashleeholmes @laurenmanzo @albiemanzo

  • mobelaisimaWow such a square u do copy Teresa .....
  • madison_walllAwe
  • mikipinpinIm a fun of all you guys god bless you all.
  • laura_kelley23They obviously read twitter.
  • angel45usaGREAT JERSEY
  • irishheartI would give anything to have the big, super close family you all have. So good to see you all getting along and happy!!! Xoxo
  • puckerduck. you'll just slid right in and took Teresa and Joes spot didn't ya!! they don't call you famewhorgas for nothing!!!
  • christmascorgiCute
  • harmonysalaU look so pretty
  • puckerduck@soyverde1 because they're saying hungry money hungry they stabbed their own family in the back to get on TV and be famous they are two faced and they are the most fake is a disgusting people I've ever in my life come acrossed!
  • puckerduckFame hungry*
  • elitesassyFame hungry ppl. Fake ppl who left Teresa to hang out with Melissa and weak Joey. these were Teresa's so called friends. Melissa wanted Teresa life and almost got it. U got her unloyal left over friends who will turn on ya in the end. I would not want friends like that
  • lyssinkTrue, I remember when Teresa was the popular and real one in the beginning
  • ckdowdellTaresa fake and a liar and never take blame for shit she do it's everyone fault but hers and people who agree with her is just as ignorant as she is..
  • gracie1947Elitesassy, I think you got it wrong, Melissa doesn't want Teresa's life ... That's a life of shame.....
  • xoxojenn82Lmao..really...this is instagram not face book...
  • bajita2Awh I like this
  • kevywashingtonTeresa and Joe Giudice should be there.
  • coco_chanel_john_snowHa ha ha your hubby has become the bald guy that always wears a hat! @joegorga the jig is up we know what's going on under there. Payback for being a prick to your sister
  • oliviagarofaloCaroline😂😂
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