Dear Inspector, Go fuck yourself. TSA can suck my fucking dick.
  • portugalthemanDear Inspector, Go fuck yourself. TSA can suck my fucking dick.

  • fruntn_duntnLooks like they fucked with your pick up. Maybe thought the wires were a bomb. Fucking idiots.
  • ben_jamin_john"randomly"
  • lilgoldrush@portugaltheman fuck the man. Lets move to Talkeetna and live off the land and out of reach of the law. #separatistgenetics #civilizationisfucked
  • bsmonkeeIn all fairness, there are better places to hide jolly ranchers.😕
  • _satantapsmykegg__BSA ball sucker addicts
  • alec_seagraveSuch bullshit.
  • chillaryyNosy bastards 😒
  • jonathanintheskyFuck tsa!!!!' They stole all my shit once! Fuck you fuck ass tsa
  • tsavvvFuck the #tsa !!!!
  • soccabn<---- :-( not a big fan of TSA
  • chadderboxeffectsShitty Beatles @portugaltheman
  • portugaltheman@jacpfef @brojay9s @kaelruland they ripped *ripped* the cables out of my guitar. A personal possession they must see hundreds of. A thing that with one scan, let alone one glance, can easily be noted to not be a bomb. National security has little to do with the hiring of unqualified employees to the glorified position of "inspector". I'm more afraid of people who don't understand when boundaries are crossed and exceptions are made based on an open ended all encompassing maybe-threat.
  • jacpfefI'm not disagreeing with you. I'd be pissed, too. I was contributing my positive experience with the TSA because I have never heard anyone say anything besides "fuck the TSA." And somebody has to say something positive because those people are in such a thankless job and they aren't ALL assholes. We can't all do what we love, you know? That being said, I'm really sorry about your guitar. That's really shitty and I hope you're able to get it fixed.
  • portugaltheman@chadderboxeffects are they any good?
  • chadderboxeffects@portugaltheman they suck!
  • chadderboxeffects@portugaltheman fucking bummer dude. Did they break it?
  • leraanthonyva@Chadderboxeffects Oh so it's not just a clever name
  • anthony_childs79@portugaltheman @jacpfef I had a knife I forgot about in my jacket and they didn't catch. I noticed it when I took my jacket of in the plane.
  • jordanthereseI don't know if the rules are different in the US but in Australia you're required to loosen all the strings when travelling on planes. But yea, this sucks major dicks dude. Sorry it happened!
  • kennychennyLooking for bombs in guitars and grandma's panties nationwide! F the TSA. Bunch of crooks
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