• pftompkinsLatergram: So pleased to have been a part of last night's Comedy Bang! Bang! musical episode. And what a wrap party! We counted to 60 over 11 times!

  • ajbontempsDVR'd and waiting for me to see. I've seen clips. It looks very good!
  • carajodellAs a comedy nerd and a broadway nerd, it was most satisfying!
  • kosherassaultAs a hardcore broadway nerd I approve!
  • janicewhaleyYou killed last night! So good!
  • skubicOnly #CakeBoss surpasses that episode.
  • amtrebleI'm sad to see your moustache go
  • saferaveWhat will become of Andrew Lloyd webber
  • thisguystaintGreatest time trying to figure out which broadway tunes inspired this genius work!
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