During all your special moments...we were there. (First dates, 18th birthday, wedding day and many more). Share with us your bareMinerals Original Foundation story.
  • baremineralsDuring all your special moments...we were there. (First dates, 18th birthday, wedding day and many more). Share with us your bareMinerals Original Foundation story.

  • amanda_leuqarI have very sensitive skin and Rosacea. I started using @bareminerals four years ago and love it. I had my makeup done for prom at a Bare Minerals store. Best night and the makeup was amazing! ☺ I also use the face wash, moisturizer & makeup remover.
  • georgeandjack29I was having reactions to other makeup and couldn't get the blisters and such to go away, I started using your wonderful product and my skin cleared up right away! It smoothed and covers great but doesn't look or feel like a lot of makeup. It's the ONLY product I put on my face because I believe in it! It has healing powers!
  • livelove_flipI have that brush and foundation
  • reeeef1
  • janinetyoperkinsSaw it on TV, bought it, love it! Since 2007. Now own a closet full of bareMinerals products!
  • mkashleytThe first and only foundation and I have ever worn, I have severe eczema on my face so I could never wear foundation, but all that changed when I walked into @bareminerals !!! Love it, just got it in matte #goldentan it has actually helped heal my eczema
  • catroed88A skin therapist buffed this on my face after she had plucked, squeezed and scrubbed my face half to death. Saw it, loved it, bought it. Been using it for about 6 yrs, and i will never stop using it🙏
  • purelife13I never own any of the bare minerals products, but I hear alot of good things about them. I was told that they're very expensive so I'll just keep dreaming about owning some.
  • serenaschuyler@jkostheboss welcome to da club sweet thang
  • kevynne_19First time using makeup was with original @bareminerals
  • laurenkovalikI have suffered with acne problems since I was 12, I never wanted to talk and meet new people because I always thought they were just looking at my Acne, I was always so down on myself until I found bare minerals it covered every single pimple, scar, and dark circles:) I finally got to be me and not hide behind my hair anymore so Thank you so much for giving my life back :) @bareminerals
  • aishaqureshi__How much is the brush and powder I been wanting to buy them for ages
  • __morgantaylorHi... I'm 13 and I'm getting blemishes on my cheeks and pimples on my T zone ... My mum works at a salon and says bare minerals is the best cover up for your skin ... So for my Christmas she got me the starter kit ... I'm to scared to use it incase it clogs up my pores and gives me more spots ? ... 💕🌸🐮
  • respecttacheI have the brush and the mini sample and the bigger version of the original. It's amazing!!! Keep up the good work 💕
  • respecttache@morgantaylorrxo since bare minerals is mostly minerals... They won't damage your pores or give you more spots. You can sleep in bare minerals original since it won't damage any part of your skin. 💕 Glad I could help!! 😊
  • __morgantaylorAwh thank you ... That's really helpful ☺️ @__adorables__ xx
  • respecttache@morgantaylorrxo no problem!! 💕
  • mika_bejahave that brush and foundation😄
  • fofo_featherHow much is the mAtte by it self ?
  • q8i_economist@mesk_alward @mrmraloy @bnt_3jaim
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