My #GLAADManhattan dress was made by @cabiriastyle, bought at @curvaceous_k, and shoes by @hourglassshoes
  • marylambertsingMy #GLAADManhattan dress was made by @cabiriastyle, bought at @curvaceous_k, and shoes by @hourglassshoes

  • jazzmin_empire@marylambertsing your a beautiful genius! ! ♥ (I know girls)
  • twentyonesmallbeansThe most beautiful person in the world. I love you and your voice.
  • lesleyheaven_Gorgeous😘
  • ragz_designerI really want to become your stylist
  • witchbvtch69@lottiemoon
  • banadnaAt least even if she's fat, she has the most wonderful talent and she can sing better than your thin ass.
  • banadnaGo Mary Lambert! I'll always love you! ♥
  • martinholiknad_volde01 - Too bad she won't get to use that talent for long. #Fat #HealthIssues #Diabetes #Diet #LongerLife vs #PrematureDeath Some people don't deserve their bodies, mistreating it like this. Fuck talent.
  • a.whitaker24@martinholik go be miserable somewhere else.
  • martinholik@silverlining24 - Thank you. I waiting for your permission.
  • ryxnesimmons@martinholik that was very rude.
  • martinholik@redvelvetlady11 Rude is to treat your body like that. I'm an atheist but even I know that the body I have is precious and that I need to take care of it and not shove shit into your gullet like a fucking trash can. Have some respect for your body. If you think this is rude, you'll go bananas when I tell you what they do to people in Burma. #LifeIsTough #GrowUp #NotAlwaysSunshine #CruelWorld #BlueEyedGirl #HonestyHurts #ToughLove
  • aphrodeity22@martinholik you know, maybe she's comfortable with who she is. Not everybody has to be a size 0 to be beautiful.
  • martinholik@angelica2594 It's not about beauty here but health. And I didn't say she has to be anorexic but she'll find out very soon.
  • aphrodeity22@martinholik so you're saying that people that are of a bigger size are wrong?
  • martinholik@angelica2594 Yes, when it comes to health, but not beauty.
  • martinholik@angelica2594 Lol? That's nothing like that and has nothing to so with race. Are you racist?? Why do you bring up race here? Being black or Hispanic isn't a health concern, being fat is. You are wrong here again, I didn't say skinny and am not saying anything like that, I said healthy. You are twisting my words here. I don't know what's wrong with people. My comment was about health and not taking their body for granted. You have to honor your body or your "talent" is useless if you don't have a vessel from which you could express that talent from. You are so ignorant. Just stop for your own good. Merry healthy Christmas!
  • aphrodeity22@martinholik oh Hun. I'm not racist at all. It's just the things you say are wrong. And the way that you put it, it's like you're saying that she's big and it's such a sin to be. You don't know if she tries to be more healthier. No one knows but her and the ones close to her. So with the things you said, it seems like you were trying to degrade her. All I have to say in this.
  • martinholik@angelica2594 Ok. Whatever. You know I'm right. Trying and being are two different things. You are a thinker, I'm a doer. She's apparently also a thinker. Drinking a Coca Cola light and having a Big Mac is a lose-lose situation. Ask a doctor I the things I write are bad an we'll see if I'm "wrong". You see these things I write because Gossip Girl is either cancelled or on a break, and you don't have drama in you life. If you like some, go argue with your boyfri. I don't hve tíme for ignorant little girls. The fact that you are bringing this shit up on Christmas that I wrote a month+ ago just proves my point. That is all.
  • simplytwiggyYou looked and did amazing
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