#Brain #power
  • tigermandingo#Brain #power

  • gurevafelicitata2329how you have HIV
  • mribreakbacks@shae__xoxo 😂😭
  • ssaldiasaProstitude...
  • em0ji_qu33n👆👆.....😮😂😭
  • mia__1st@shae__xoxo 😩😂 Smh This Is Saddddd!
  • daniellaferreiraBtw... "than" not "then" @tigermandingo
  • london_1_bridgeIf you had brain power, I would think you would have been smart enough not have sex with others because you have hiv. Where the fuck did brain power go ! Stupid ugly idiot
  • 6lessed.with.6ixcrazy!
  • lady_lo92Yea put em both together and ur a killer. Ohhh how proud and accomplished u must feel. You use your brain to kill people by luring them in with your body. What a fuckin hoe ass bitch. And u think thats power??? Just know that god & the devil are more powerful. And they will equally agree that hell should be your eternal "resting" place. Hope you enjoy
  • cuzzintruckTiger Dude, You are right. Money, Sex and Power has always been man's downfall. They need to turn this in an HIV Awareness poster. Letting people know, everything that glitters ain't gold.
  • misraim.deam17Totally crazy :/
  • hippy.kyNo ur brain told u not to speak up
  • missabby84@korimayusuf
  • negrosunshineUmm if he spoke up then you would criminalized him even further and placed him in another marginalized character. Cut the shit. Stop acting like hiv or nah, black mean are often perceived as criminal or life threatening. If not tiger mandingo he would be perceived as thug. Have 10 movie seats
  • negrosunshineDo we live in a country that doesnt reward silence. Or a world thats safe for someone to say they are positive or have any health issue- without being subject to stigma or shame or some freak heteronormative bih preaching monogamy. If we dont, we shouldnt be surprised that people dont speak up about their status. You are complicit in this as well
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