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  • dwyanewadeSmh it takes forever to fix a flat.. And ppl always want pictures...#grrrrr #whyyyy #thisdayis2funny #ihopewemakeit

  • spirit_v3@niyahbean At some point they get tired of taking pics every time
  • niyahbeanI'm sure people get tired of spending money. Like I'm pretty sure its not as serious as it looks to us, and I know I wouldn't want to take a pic if my tire was flat (or whatever). But keep that to yourself. Dont post it on IG that's giving you a reason to let people from the outside looking (like me) think that's fucked up. I DONT think HE is fucked up. But the situation is. @spirit_v3
  • spirit_v3Well I don't really care what he posts all I know is he's my favorite Athlete
  • iamdangelodailyhttp://youtu.be/DAKeEJVQ8Bg
  • jack_gilbert6Suck it up d wade
  • _jwilkerson3I wouldnt blame him fpr saying that some celeebritys get tired of that
  • mdaphneyThey dont know that to fix the tire and that's it dame
  • tamika_iam_a_leoYea! That's was wack! That's how they do when they make it! Smh.. He didn't ask 4 money or anything that cause him 2 use any energy!
  • itsss_darriusSomebody probably did that on purpose just to take picture's with you guys
  • jai111603If be bad to where u will be saying sh*t fu** this shi* man if it was on a hot hot day and very hot with the girl
  • andrejstojanovskiThe man is fixing your tire and you are still bitching about it?! Get down and fix it on your own...spoiled @dwyanewade
  • atlmarketingprosExactly tripping about a damn picture......yen shit man......you use to be that same dude
  • moneyk305Lol
  • jacobr925That's fucked up u can't even give home a pic and he is helping u out fixing your tire smh
  • legion_legitzThe fuck nigga stop bitching about it and suck his dick at least
  • lilhustler._Fuck y'all wade better than y'all fuck ass cause he got more than u can wish he the man over lebron@allllof yall
  • averyjsmith@hungry_21
  • imloading3Just because he shook his head at the end of the video didn't mean he didn't take a picture with him
  • zachmaddeb123Wade will always be over LeBron
  • ebiie21😹😹😹
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