Here is my kit for shooting silvertide this weekend thanks to @borrowlenses  canon 70d
  • jaredpolinHere is my kit for shooting silvertide this weekend thanks to @borrowlenses canon 70d

  • gabrielgt831I got mine 4 Day ago and I Love it..
  • paulseilerIs that a 70-200 2.8 IS and a 16-35 2.8 ? I'm renting that same 70-200 2.8 next week for a wedding and using my 17-40 f4 definitely a great concert setup!
  • koryfartzI can't believe you didn't splurge for the MORE COWBELL package @jaredpolin
  • glitzerzombieThe 60D is fabulous so the 70D will be even more. Have fun!
  • onemanrockSilvertide still in action??
  • reyescrlsCan't wait to see ur pics I just got my 70d
  • dva_markeraGuys, dxomark just complete 3version optics choise for 70d. enjoy?!
  • mitchellhubbleare you not shooting Nikon anymore
  • jaredpolin@dva_markera i could care less about dxo mark. They shoot charts. Fun
  • dva_markeraDo one's very best. Roger
  • kevtblHow is the 16-35? I want it !
  • mojo9804Hope you'll do a review of the 70D. I'm shooting the 8-15mm f/4L fisheye this weekend with my 60D
  • scarlett_ellaCanon? Did you switch on me? :)
  • atbretratoI absolutely love my 70-200 2.8 L II IS. The only thing that I find strange on it is the IS activating noise, looks clunky and not so ok sometimes. I hope it wont break anytime soon... lol
  • banekanThat's all ya need
  • adarmawansSwitching side, dude?
  • brad__stevens@kwolek_t that's what you need
  • _mdunlapDude, fro just wants to test out some pro gear attached to the newest Canon.. sounds fun
  • poofstyleI'm not sure why people are always asking if @jaredpolin is switching sides when he shoots Canon... But maybe I'll never be a good photographer until I'm in the loop on such a serious matter.
  • inzmblHow is the crop factor doing? :) Cheers from Poland
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