in retrospect of this recent #nyfw...I realize I got caught taking a LOT of selfies! (all for the sake of Instagram!) #yikes
  • karlieklossin retrospect of this recent #nyfw...I realize I got caught taking a LOT of selfies! (all for the sake of Instagram!) #yikes

  • maitealbba.
  • hackedadfSelfie of a selfie. Yup.
  • gela_mpDuckface tho? That's lame...
  • alexandermoehleCredit where Credit belongs! @thegreyestghost
  • sarahmeowsoup@thegreyestghost Took this photo! Give credit to a hardworking photographer.
  • amandadelrose@thegreyestghost got an awesome shot of you!
  • christinaclearymakeupartistThis image should be deleted and reposted with credit to the photographer who has lost income due to negligence. @thegreyestghost
  • anaclahaneYou need to compensate @thegreyestghost for the theft of her image and all the lost publicity!
  • thegreyestghostI appreciate the support everyone, but please don't harass Karlie. She is a sweet girl, the photo credit stuff was just a very unfortunate oversight.
  • alexinwonderland1987@thegreyestghost your original message to Karlie was pretty aggressive, as was your article about it. People are just mirroring your anger
  • thegreyestghost@alexgreenwood87 The comment in that screenshot = my second or third comment to her about it. I initially asked for a credit. And got no response. But go ahead and keep making assumptions...
  • alexinwonderland1987@thegreyestghost you wrote an article about it. I dont need to make assumptions. You also asked for your comments to be deleted, so I'm sure they were super polite
  • thegreyestghost@alexgreenwood87 Pretty sure the comments are still there so see for yourself. Not sure you understand the real issue here: magazines used the image multiple times, without paying or crediting me. That's my income/livelihood. You might work for free, but most people, Karlie included, do not.
  • aimeeabsintheI love photography and art and seeing that being stolen is so upsetting. Why couldn't you give credit where credit was due? You need to do this. Stealing people's photos is wrong and it's even worse when you give no credit.
  • mandystephensonLet's take a step back here. Considering the industry Karlie is in and the amount of photos that are taken of her constantly, it seems like the most logical conclusions is that this was an innocent accident. Despite her maturity and business savvy, she is still only 21 years old. The ideal solution, as it stands, is that KK could just tag @thegreyestghost in this image (which is easily done) and move on. While I get where the article is coming from, putting her on blast, and especially bolding that last line seemed a little harsh. Accidents happen, but there's more to life than money and collecting royalty checks. Being as talented a photographer as GG is clearly shows that she will be working in this business for a long time. I highly doubt it's a mistake Karlie will make in the future, but if it was that important from the get-go, throw a watermark on it.
  • wyntinthecityCredit to @thegreyestghost
  • louisjimenebalbara no le diste ni un peso a la fotógrafa!
  • liv_nelson@iz.j
  • iizjjYou @liv_nelson
  • _vanessaland_Credit to @thegreyestghost
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