• karlieklossThe ONLY time it is Ever okay to re wear an outfit is when it is as gorgeous as this @Cushnieetochs dress!
    I fell in love with this on the runway, wore it for a night on the town, and am preordering it on @modaoperandi ASAP
    #GetItWhileYouCan #You'llThankMeLater

  • rox.ortega@and_z c'est vrai que quand t'es maigre@tous les habits paraissent plus joli mais après c'est pas très joli !
  • officialkjenningsThe video of that show and your opening was amazing!! You are just so fierce and beautiful!!
  • ponysalon@lexicatm
  • garrennewyork💗💗💗💗💗
  • badgaladrii@malomilo oh em gee, I found my wedding dress seriously mark my words
  • solitudeworld@ec13m this dress is so you
  • iamkaylahayesNeed* this dress @mgnfos
  • leanahhhThat's really beautiful! Like you @karliekloss
  • leanahhhThat's really beautiful! Like you @karliekloss
  • micetto_kOmfgggggg! I love you since I saw you rocked on Victoria's secret fashion show!
  • nicky_ratchakrichIt's coz u made this dress stunning.✨
  • lucaboiocchiBrava
  • katiedresselYou're so pretty and this is absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love. 😍
  • saademCool dress
  • brightbluemoonNot everybody is as rich as you sweetheart.
  • meguitaexactly, most of us re-wear our clothes almost weekly. real world to super model, your fans are normal people.
  • danciaks1: she's working 2: she gets free clothes perfect to her fitting. FREE 3: She does rewear her clothes. Im sure all models do but dresses are different. I mean I wore a dress yesterday from a photoshoot two years ago but this was a small event and different country. Models do that. Media people do that.
  • danciaks@marykerkian if you don't like it, don't go to my profile. You don't have to complain. You don't even have a picture of yourself up. I've been in and out of doctors/hospitals so I think im excused from dealing with unimportant things.
  • hemetisorry you like baby 13!
  • panidooI do love de way u walk N catwalk
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