Powerful podcast with David Choe today. That dude is living it like he's in a fucking movie!
  • joeroganPowerful podcast with David Choe today. That dude is living it like he's in a fucking movie!

  • el_duderino78@terralutabjj that's like your opinion, man. LOL! I usually listen to JRE during my commute, I tend to like the far out there discussions like Alex Gray etc, the MMA guests are great. But, this dude? I dunno... Not all can be winners.
  • wallryder3 different character types all united in not giving a fuck. #Powerful
  • jimmygerrard@terralutabjj he never said he would kill it. He wanted to put himself in danger. It's what makes him tick. I think he wants to get hurt. I just don't think he realises exactly how much it can damage you. But even if he did I still don't think he'd give a fuck #choematrix
  • terralutabjj@jimmygerrard You are probably right dude. Dave seems like a crazy mofo. #ferocious
  • carsoncoachI'm a long time listener of the podcast. I've only bailed out on two. First was Amit goswami, just cause I couldn't understand him and this fucking clown. What a tool.
  • fatheryodI recently started listening to ur podcast and heard this episode the other day & that guy is awsum he's constantly trippin!! Hahah id love to see him fight
  • dbasnettHaters gon hate.
  • dbasnettChoe is a beast, I've been listening to @joeroganexperience and @dvdasa since day one. Y'all posers.
  • thegoodvibesfarmerNice curran shirt @joeroganexperience
  • barberjitsu17yr old werewolf gonna bite redban's foot off.
  • vshields83You said costa phillipou had the best hands in the 185 division??? C'mon son. @joeroganexperience
  • bigpotusYour next podcast you should talk about the correlation of insomnia ,and listening to your podcast..
  • vincelaharaAwesome podcast.
  • dcaseyleeOmg hahaha what a shirt!!
  • jake.chaseThis podcast was so funny , :) #joeroganexperience
  • ceemooreLook how doughy Brian is. Also dressed like an 8th grader. Love ya buddy.
  • nicole_eads@joeroganexperience I started listening to your podcast a few months ago and now I can't get enough of your great conversations and insight. You and your guests have turned me on to so many new things, so thank you for the positive influence and many laughs!
  • charlie_foreignBrian dresses like an 8th grader LOL
  • wunder_photo_Joe you should visit china sometime
  • thsuppNo way the mighty ducks goalie!!!!!!
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