Grilled Veggie Enchiladas Casserole w/Beyond Meat Chicken. #Eapproved #vegan
  • lane_goldGrilled Veggie Enchiladas Casserole w/Beyond Meat Chicken. #Eapproved #vegan

  • depechemodeofficialHey, do you ever create recipes from scratch?
  • markk7601That looks amazing
  • depechemodeofficialDo you think you could come up with a recipe for vegan summer sausage? You know, since the holidays are coming up! I think it would go great with vegan cheese and crackers with a glass of nog / tea / hot chocolate / etc by the tree while watching christmas specials. I have found zero products of it to purchase and zero recipes online.
  • lane_gold@xkylehasheartx I am not really an expert on creating fake meats - I've never eaten real summer sausage so I wouldn't know where to begin :/ sorry
  • depechemodeofficialAwh, it's okay. I've only been vegan for a few years now, so I guess that's why I know :p for a 17 year old kid though, I guess I got a pretty nice start discovering it considering my demographic.
  • lane_gold@xkylehasheartx :)
  • kitteekake@xkylehasheartx there are loads of steamed seitan sausages online--I know Isa and Julie Hasson both have some. If you can look at a summer sausage recipe and see how it's seasoned, you could probs modify a vegan recipe to satisfy your craving. 💚
  • veg4health_oliLooks Delish! Where can I get this recipe 😊
  • lane_gold@vegan_raw_oli email me I didn't follow a recipe but I'll try to tell you how I did it :)
  • veg4health_oliWill do, thanks girl!!
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