Rochester last night on a Wednesday. Hot and sweaty!! 😁
  • zeddRochester last night on a Wednesday. Hot and sweaty!! 😁

  • zoulliereHello zedd! Don't stop doing what you do! You are perfect:)
  • rosicruz8si estuviera ahí :3 AWESOME!
  • bajo247epic night!!!
  • blu.coyoteWish I could go to your concerts ;_; But you're still awesome<333
  • kaylat819Hey Zedd last night you were SO FLIPPING AWESOME you blew me away! Alex and Oliver were good.. But you had me dancing like a crazy person!! Hope to see you back in Michigan soon!! Xoxo
  • calminaion);
  • dee_valbeaCome back to toronto ! Ahaha i miss your amazing shows already :( ! !
  • dee_valbeaWish i could have stayed the night ;)
  • frigidfirefoxI can see an eye!
  • glennlawrenceang:)))
  • tanevillanuevaI also
  • tanevillanuevaZedd I love you and i am hearing your song clarity its so beutifull 😻💎💎 you are my clarity
  • i.emilycxI SAW YOU LAST NIGHT IN MILWAUKEE. Sorry for the freakout, but I legit almost started crying when you came on. You're music is so fantastic, and I have so much emotion invested in it. You were the BEST I've seen live, don't tell sonny, though(:
  • aleejandrrraaCan't wait for Wednesday!! 😜🎉🔊
  • kirstennlynneAmazing<3 came home to Rochester from college just to see zedd for the night and then went back!
  • shepdaddy21This show was dopski on a rope fo dhow
  • caslumusic😍😍😍
  • wrhnvxfjhvfhI miss this so much I want to cry
  • lydiagopianI'm in the front row @zedd
  • josie_flandersRochester New York?
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