Double the chic—it's @karliekloss with her WWD cover!
  • coachDouble the chic—it's @karliekloss with her WWD cover!

  • ranaaakramshe's so lovely!
  • scarnelThis girl looks hungry!
  • haley_baker12@scarnel @talmasca you know women can be naturally thin.
  • daurica71315Too thin
  • sonams_@scarnel @talmasca @cdauria28 im pretty sure she just has a fast metabolism. You guys dont need to be rude. If you had a fast metabolism you wouldnt want ppl to be like tat towards u
  • talmasca@omgaloshes there are fast metabolisms and eating disorders
  • abdullahalmleehan👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • imbella5258How about you post some of your new handbags instead of these useless pictures!!!
  • dawnhampsonShe may or may not be too thin naturally, it just would be wonderful to see a company that primarily caters towards women show more diversity.
  • quinoaqueenShe's hot. She works SO hard too. All this skinny bashing is pathetic. She's incredible. Fools.
  • mintlipglossShe's beautiful, but she doesn't look healthy. I just hope she is happy. I've heard stories that models are often unhappy because of the continual pressure to be thin.
  • killa_kim13Omg this is disgusting how swueletic she looks. At least she seems happy.
  • siz4455Beautiful
  • officialsarahjayLooks healthy to me. Gorgeous pic.
  • redneckmomx2She is so luck!! :) It would be so awesome to be the face of coach!
  • corywillet@karliekloss Oh hi!
  • mama_dempsShe's absolutely healthy and perfect! She's at least six feet tall. Geez
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