Last year, Erica Spin (@spinphotoart) began taking photos that weren't quite complete and tagging them with the #imnotallhere hashtag. She captures photos of people and objects that are either partially obscured or removed from the frame. "I wanted to capture the essence of something without having to entirely show it in the photo," Erica says. "I wanted to give the viewer a chance to use their imagination and to come up with different things in their mind when they see these pictures." Want to take your own #imnotallhere photo? Erica suggests finding a prop, such as a book, an umbrella or a lamp shade, to cover your subject just enough so that only one part of their body or face is showing. You can also try only capturing part of an object to make your viewer imagine what lies outside the frame.

To see more of Erica's photos, follow her @spinphotoart.
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