The Four Stanley Cup Banners make a cameo appearance in their future permanent home.
  • ny_islandersThe Four Stanley Cup Banners make a cameo appearance in their future permanent home.

  • jeff_mccormack_@danncohenn ik it's Kate Murray's fault
  • big_city40Looks better in the barn😪
  • johnp5167Gotta love the scoreboard hanging over the blue line!
  • cneumann42Like the barn better
  • cummings_13love the islanders but I really disagree with the Barclays move, the arena isn't even built for hockey
  • brianbest41I love that seatin in the corner facing sideways #goodjob 👌
  • gianpaolo1979What is up with those seats in corner? Awful!!
  • andrewnatoli42The heck is with that corner? Awful.
  • mrunkown36People shut the hell up about how it looks there is no way they are moving back and no one cares about your opinions so If you're real islanders fans you'd pay more attention to the team not the arena
  • mszekalskiThat's truly disgusting
  • thomas_bragliaNope they are probably moving back guys
  • thomas_bragliaWithin 2 years
  • shockwave315Way to ruin a perfectly good corner for fans to sit and watch.. thank god I have 2 yrs left to go to the coli. Best arena to sit and watch hockey in.
  • fmr1030They should keep the stadium
  • heshootshescores44Looks totally weird with the scoreboard off Center
  • jimhospitalIsles never should have left Long Island
  • matt.schreckLooks mad nice. Just needs a little seating renovation so the ice can be centered
  • knappb91Take a look at the stadium@the way it is now and remember how it looks because this is how it will look come playoff time as well
  • jngourdjiBarclays center?
  • timbautz33Isles dont deserve to be with a GOOD team sharing an arena. Whats wrong with the colliseum?
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