Check out tomorrow land after movie. I'm at 27:30 if you wanna see me:)
  • davidguettaCheck out tomorrow land after movie. I'm at 27:30 if you wanna see me:)

  • hadrienfaugeronthis is the moment when tou ask the people to sit down
  • kharigos
  • marcwastedI WOULD BE IN TOMORROWLAND BUT I DON'T have a lot of money
  • _adacan_you are the best dj of the world. please play "The Alphabeat" in Turkey. It would be super!
    I made homework of your life too. My parents are divorced too like you and @cathyguetta . I have a little brother like your son. I love your songs and your style. I'm a girl but I'm your biggest fan. @davidguetta
  • valen_090I love you Tomorrowlad
  • estefanydeaveiroI love you tomorrowland
  • estefanydeaveiro♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love you david guetta
  • yossuarcastillo@davidguetta twomorrowloand 2013
  • leticiamaartinsj#BRASIL
  • leticiamaartinsj#EMBREVE
  • leticiamaartinsjQue chegue logo!
  • viannaanapaulaDavid Quetta
  • ziamfuckerAMORZAO
  • veronicaverdyGuetta
  • veronicaverdyI love
  • dj_mega_l_Me encantaria segir tus pasos guetta
  • raulvieira_Today is the birthday of an idol. Not only mine, as an idol of all who love electronic music. I hear David Guetta since I was a kid, and I followed his growth, and he accompanied my growth. His songs have taught me so much, so much, that I feel they are part of me. And I think that's the purpose. With him, I learned that "People Come, People Go", I learned that "Love is Gone" sometimes, but when we least expect it, we're loving again .. so is "When Love Takes Over" .. I learned that all the best "Memories "happen when we do a lot of shit with our friends. I learned that losing a best friend is so hard that it is almost impossible to live "Without You" .. I learned that we have to try to "Just One Last Time" for who we love. I learned that sometimes we froze in time, loving those who do not love us like a "She Wolf (Falling To Pieces). I learned that we should" Play Hard "and have fun at max. And above all, what I most learned from David Guetta was that I'm bulletproof got nothing to lose .. You shoot me down but I will not fall I am "Titanium" .. Happy Birthday, and I want you to know that you changed my life! I love you, for life, thank you! I AM FROM BRAZIL, MY DREAM IS TO MEET YOU, AND I WILL GO TO São Paulo 's concert on january 17.. please, i just wanna meet you!
  • veronicaverdyHermosa
  • moran_isabelMi sueño mi inspiración te amooooo
  • _cinthya2001Baby Guetta ❤❤💗
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