Reading and homework time. So happy to be home.
  • chefazReading and homework time. So happy to be home.

  • gustavopinna2000My wife and are huge fan, watch every one of your episodes yet we were extremely disappointed bybhow rude you were in person when we met you in south florida when you were shooting running the rv's at the race track..
  • smteawithhoneyWhat's on the plate?
  • mcc_sandlin@gustavopinna2000 Learn to speak English, then try again.
  • yaya_diiorLove your scenery. In the woods, nice.
  • zz6978@jgsandlin - unfortunately, it's probably a spelling issue. People can't spell/use proper grammar these days!
  • elcolombianitoNice yard .. But looks like the killer would be back there 😳😳😳
  • monstermashhh@jgsandlin News flash, not everyone's first language is English. So what if he's a foreigner and has a few things written incorrectly? You'd have to be dumb as rocks to not understand what he's trying to convey.
  • mcgruebner@monstermashhh 👍
  • saoleard@monstermashhh preach!
  • yvonne_saigon@monstermashhh word!!!
  • jen_kuroiwaThere's no place like home!!
  • jkuch7My first grader made that same paper plate dream catcher this week in school... that's fun
  • josrigoLovely looking home. Very welcoming.
  • caffreedietpepsiNothing serves up better than homework at the kitchen table.
  • janinakinsYour home looks lovely!
  • alexa77nyI love how you love your family! Very beautiful Chef.
  • sha_sha0902Lovely home!
  • jean404Best things in life are free baby!
  • gustavopinna2000@jgsandlin What a coincidence you're in miami too. I would love to see you be a smart ass to my face. Gotta love people who hide behind social networks..Homo
  • gabarose90Your house is awesome! And so great you sit down and do HW with your son, he will always remember that.
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