BABYS ON THE WAY! jk just a check up lol
  • mrtechnicaldifficultBABYS ON THE WAY! jk just a check up lol

  • trey.carneyTight yo haha
  • quincy.33@mrtechnicaldifficult is she big cause she looks pretty small or is that just the way she's sitting?
  • urbex_journeysRemember Kyle you will have to wait 6-8 weeks after she gives birth before u can start "beatin' it up again"!
  • martinlkgYou are freaking awesome kyle whit that caps on
  • ssoh44you're lucky dude
  • _bgreenyo_You do realize that after the baby is born...he still has to help
  • skater_juggalo13Lol is it a boy or girl?
  • robertdean54327Congrats dude
  • skater_juggalo13Cool
  • mkstillwellYou have tons a fans and chances are you won't respond to this, but I love your YouTube videos and you are my favorite Xbox gamer. I wish you and Rachel the best of luck on your new baby. I know you will both be great parents. Thanks for the all the times you have ever made me laugh. You will forever be my favorite! It used to be Minnesota burns, but his videos led me to yours! Yay! Anyway, sorry for the long message! Love you Rachel and Kyle!
  • odayodaaAWWWWWWWWWWW
  • jwattsyOddaaalys! Hello
  • jwattsyKyle your wife would get it
  • loriebuenavistaBeautiful pictures
  • daniel_kraus_Kyle your amazing
  • myknownGo tigers. That's my team World Series
  • myknownHappy for you. ( baby)
  • the_dark_knight627Wait in the other pictures your already holding a baby and your wife is no longer pregnant in the more recent pictures plz tell me she had it early then I expected it to be
  • abel_johanCute
  • 65_steveShe's still pretty
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