Always remember!
  • juleshoughAlways remember!

  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner you are exactly the type of American that the world hate. You're a disgrace to the human race. I'm from Canada you cunt. YOU MAKE ME SICK! Go back to where I came from? It's comments like that, that make the rest of the world HATE YOU! #stupidhoe
  • nicolesawitzkyAnd people wonder why many Americans are racist....
  • nicolesawitzkyMajor reason why right here.
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner go away. I didn't even read your novel.
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner what a loser. Old lady with no time on her hands
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner why are you still talking?! No one wants to read your novels. Clearly you don't have a life. This is all a joke while you're out spending your whole day on this. You need to go get laid. Good day bitch
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner my mistake. Take out the lady. You're just old
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner there is no conversation with you. You're just a nagging old lady making rude remarks so my reply is to simply call a bitch a BITCH. when you're done. I'm willing to have an intelligent conversation. But I don't see that happening with your low level of intelligence.
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner if you were intelligent you would have figured out how to shorten your responses. You're weird.
  • thenaserieeffect@mrsfeltner #goaway
  • meghanlovesudTo all the haters: Julianne posted a rememberance picture of #911 It's a very important day... Remembering the tragic event and ALL of the lives that were lost. If you say you hate America... Then if you live in another country that is not necessary to say that but if you live in America and you hate it then move out. Pack your bags. But don't hate on Julianne's photo cause she is remembering a very important day.
  • elo_roy06#sotragic
  • lllemadlllReally...
  • lllemadlll:(((
  • lllemadlllFuck that talleban(allghaede)...
  • adwynedejngxRespect
  • lizagabriellJeeeez -___-
  • rockzheRemember
  • amiya_cHow could someone not rember
  • xingann.eweHaha thats my birthday
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