It’s been 12 years since 9/11 - My thoughts and love go out to the victims + their friends and family <3 ❤
  • ijustineIt’s been 12 years since 9/11 - My thoughts and love go out to the victims + their friends and family <3 ❤

  • sarahgenovesiAnyone else notice that really pretty heart on the left side of the picture
  • aleah.clarkeIt was also my 12th birthday
  • darrenmoseLoool
  • sarahluhvsyouhI want to apologize for all the people that are still tagging you in my drawing of you... Haha. They haven't realized that you already saw it :)
  • kujto.masterWhat about the 300.000+ victims in the middle east, killed by american soldiers? Seriously @ijustine 😵
  • jamiec2294I'm sick of people with comments like yours @kaybeetheg . What we can't mourn one tragedy, just because another one happened somewhere else? We can't respect and give love to the families of this tragedy, because other families somewhere else have had the same thing happen? It's ridiculous. A tragedy is a tragedy. And obviously if the tragedy happens in your own country you will be more affected. Yes horrible things happen a lot in other countries, but that doesn't mean we can't mourn and pay respect to this tragedy.
  • teshiiverse@ijarmy exactly, thank you!
  • chloe.021@ijarmy I do not understand
  • bespectacledsloth@ijarmy Took the words right out of my mouth.
  • jarrydsmith_98R.I.P to those who died in the 9/11 attacks, and to the families and friends who lost a loved one, my love goes out to all of you. 9/11 was such a horrible thing, I'll never forget!
  • chrezzeeYou anericans believe that what Obama says @andrewchiappeta
  • kujto.masterNo, I'm not saying you can't pay respect to what happened in 9/11 (my condolences to those families). I'm not from the middle east or from america. I'm european. And your american soldiers are killing innocent people in iraq, iran, afghanistan or palestina every single day! Imagine your father or brother being killed by some foreign soldiers in your own country. What I'm trying to say is please open your eyes, the world includes not only american people. There are others that we should respect aswell. 9/11 happened once and it should never happen again. But people being killed in the middle east happens 24/7 and not a single american cares... @ijarmy
  • jamiec2294I'm Australian, not American. Like I said I understand that and it is awful, but I am sick of seeing people yelling their opinion of this on photos dedicated and respecting 9/11. It's definitely not the place for it. @kaybeetheg
  • jamiec2294And its a very broad statement to say 'not a single American cares'. How on earth could you know that? Ridiculous and untrue statement.
  • jennifereliseeThank u guys for caring @jarryydsmitth @ijarmy
  • jennifereliseeAnd others
  • not_hrr@ijarmy I would have to side with you. Though a fair few Americans may not agree with the war going on in Iraq. It all comes down to the governments decisions. So saying all Americans don't care is a rather bold statement. @kaybeetheg I think you will also find that killing goes on around the entire planet, and is also a 24/7 problem. Iraq just happen to be the worst effected by it. If you had been paying attention, the violence in Iraq is purely down to religious beliefs it is a civil war that is happening. The American troops have been sent in as a plan to hopefully restore balance.
  • jcastr011Respect
  • magdaarvanitisSo sweet
  • mo7mad3👍🇺🇸❤🙋
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