Will you get one?

Photo by @alicetruong
  • fastcompanyWill you get one?

    Photo by @alicetruong

  • ksstaffordyes!
  • toddjuddWhat is it? Just a case?
  • lindsey_mossNo
  • maitecalienteNOOOOOOOO 😱 que horror
  • mr_pinapleCroc shoe look-a-like Case
  • amylumcA plastic phone that doesn't shatter like glass? Yes please.
  • layona83@mpiba2 lol
  • tgraydarThe new Connect Four is so rad.
  • lucyduggar@tgraydar 😂😂😂😂😂
  • morganmochai have a 5 so no... but 5S is tempting.
  • thealexkoThe low end play makes sense for Apple. They are trying to gain share in China, where the average consumer doesn't pay hundreds of dollars for smartphones. Even Samsung isn't number 2 there. This could be a game changer for Apple in that market. However, it does tarnish their brand as a premium product by going into that pool.
  • andreaburnettprPerhaps good for parents wanting to give their teenagers a iPhone?
  • paperelephantpressHere in Australia there is only $140 difference. Not exactly a cheap phone. Mr 16 going on 17 still won't be getting one for his upcoming birthday. Despite his protests, he's stuck with my old 3S.
  • aleyasa_Already have one
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