29 days!! #ahs #ahscoven #AmericanHorrorStory #fox #tvshows #excited #witches #eek
  • starryskye8129 days!! #ahs #ahscoven #AmericanHorrorStory #fox #tvshows #excited #witches #eek

  • jordy_rayWhat's this show about? The commercials scare the poo out of me. 😱 Lol! @starryskye81
  • starryskye81Each season is totally different! First season was a "murder house" and second season was an "insane asylum" - this season is witches in New Orleans :) It's a completely effed up show but I LOVES IT! @jordy_ray
  • jordy_rayIn New Orleans? Holy shit that's where I live.... I wanna watch it but I know I'll have nightmares! Hahaha!!
  • jordy_rayI'm gonna try to watch it! Haha. The commercials are even effed up! But I love (and highly believe in) spirits, ghosts, etc. so if it has that kinda stuff in it I'll love it.
  • starryskye81Season two was not as good as one in my opinion - but I think it pushed the envelopes a bit more. I still loved it, but I'm still obsessed with characters from the first season *cough*ViolAte*cough* #fangirl
  • starryskye81I am super stoked about this season, I'm sure everything about witches and the craft will be hosed up (and if any of my Wiccan friends watch I will certainly hear all about that!) - but witches, magic, horror, voodoo ... NEW ORLEANS! I'm slightly obsessed.
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