Sneak peek of the day: the third face of our Fall 2013 campaign, launching soon with a brand-new collection.
  • coachSneak peek of the day: the third face of our Fall 2013 campaign, launching soon with a brand-new collection.

  • ramonabiernackiCan't wait!
  • angk619When is it launching?? Hints??? @coach
  • bea_silvaGreat!! Love your pictures & Love even more these sneak 'n peak 😍
  • squeaky21thatsmeOnly bags I carry. Love Coach purses wallets, shoes and I just love me some Coach.
  • ryanmoakleyIs that @iamgalla
  • youngs2230I have strayed but now I have returned home - classic.
  • akitsdotnetDenver right!
  • kaylercouture@squeakisme don't try to sell them anytime in the future! Just so anyone knows, if you buy anything coach it's not actually YOURS you have to get written permission to sell anything coach brand and if they catch you selling it (even if its authentic) they can and will send you a cease and desist letter and try to sue you. Pretty pathetic you can't even sell a bag after you paid your own money for it. Ebay auctions are getting deleted now to because of this pathetic excuse for a company!
  • squeaky21thatsme@kaylercouture really?? I don't even attempt to sell my Coach bags. I have never heard of this before. 😦
  • kaylercouture@squeakisme when I contacted them and asked them why can't we sell their bags without permission here and on eBay they remove my questions and they don't answer which is sketchy enough. People should know what kind of company this is. I'm no longer a fan.
  • kaylercouture@squeakisme I buy a lot from there and every once in awhile ill go through my collection and sell a few. I've sold some in the past on eBay successfully but recently had trouble. After I was told what I was told I googled it and coach is sueing people left and right.
  • kaylercouture@squeakisme I contacted them on Facebook not ebay sorry! They delete my posts on Facebook
  • squeaky21thatsme@kaylercouture wow! I've been a HUGE fan of Coach since 2005 when my hubby bought me my first Coach bag for my birthday. I would never sell my bags though because like my Barbie dolls I love their older purses. Some of the newer styles are not my taste. I just bought my newest Coach purse about 4 months ago. This is nice to know. So technically even though you paid for their product you don't even own it. Hmmm. Wow. Thanks for that info.
  • kaylercouture@squeakisme EXACTLY and that's why annoys me. It's not so much that I'm mad I couldn't sell them, but the fact that they technically have the right now to tell you what you can and cannot do with the bags after you spend SO much money for them. It just doesn't feel right to now support a company such a this. Wish is really sad because like you in a huge huge fan
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