Fact: Neutral leather handbags are always in style.
  • searsFact: Neutral leather handbags are always in style.

  • sweettarte1What @bsimp40 said. 👆👆
  • searsBrand is Mondani @sweettarte1 @bsimp40
  • searsSounds great @bsimp40 !
  • sweettarte1Thanks for the info! I've been looking to get a new camel bag.
  • airgreenwood@sears // I desperately need someone to contact me. My order was placed 2 weeks ago, no one showed up yesterday and NO ONE seems to know where our items even are. & now were being told to wait til the 28th for delivery. I've never seen anything like this and after waiting til 9 pm last night, I can't even begin to tell you what it made my day like yesterday. Someone needs to do something to help customers. #ASAP
  • sears@airgreenwood Thanks for your feedback. Please reach out to us with your issue on our Facebook Wall or on Twitter @Sears and a representative from Sears Cares can help you resolve this.
  • airgreenwood@sears // I don't have Facebook and have no need to sign up just to fix your problem! I'm done. I spent 45 mins on the phone today again to be told that if the store doesn't find our appliances that nothing gets done. Clearly someone made off with a new washer/dryer and fridge! All we want is our appliances since ours are not in Great working order! Please have someone call or email us ASAP!
  • airgreenwood@sears // also, I shouldn't need to contact anyone via FBI, twitter or IG // just get my stuff delivered and its that simple.
  • airgreenwood@sears // I tweeted, hopefully it gets fixed. Won't hold our breath though.
  • airgreenwood@sears @searscares // I tweeted and will continue to. This is a joke. #unacceptable
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