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  • tdwpbandSailor's Prayer / 8:18
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  • real_ice_bergAhhhh only a week left to wait!!
  • cheeseweenieJust heard the entire album. Mind is blown. Love what you guys are doing and what you stand for.
  • jeffg0nzalesLeast favorite song of the record
  • _angelosorio@j_jf_
  • josuej_I've seen all of them already 😞 @angel17_504
  • _angelosorio@j_jf_ talk about obsession lol
  • k_neff42You just got InstaOwned @nickboettcher15
  • lindakoeAmazing!
  • yaacart💛💙💜💚❤
  • mortalityrateMy favorite song off 8:18
  • brendanx3I just think you're a bafoon @nickboettcher15 nobody cares about your negative opinion. If u dont like the music then fuck off
  • dukeybearthedestroyerI'm at work and can't play the preview but just by the name of the title I'm freaking out
  • longlive.76@nickboettcher15 if you keep producing the same music over and over again you won't be any good to music or your fans.
  • alecuskimbiliusHis vocals are unique. I love them. Don't bash on the vocals! Yeah they sound different, but not bad at all.
  • jjava@nickboettcher15 in an interview Mike said he was going for a more raw, unprocessed sound to get closer to a "live" feel
  • forever.decaywhy u all fighting with a 14yo kid lmao
  • samthespark@nickboettcher15 First, watch a live video of Escape in the last 3 months. Vocals still stronger than ever. Second, even if the vocals WERE fried, they're much more desirable for what TDWP is suited for. It isn't all Epic as Heck anymore. Its getting boring as hell that way.
  • terryjamesfayYour Trippin @nickboettcher15 bands evolve you gain fans and Lose fans that's just how it is .. If they sounded like they did on there old albums it would be the same shit .. Change is good his voice doesn't suck now its more matured and he found his own sound .. Don't speak about music if you can't respect evolution @tdwp
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