Project UD.
  • imshmackedProject UD.

  • _lilalo_Excuse meee? @stroka_vagenius
  • kbranigathis is so sad that people get excited for shit like this. like its people who brag about setting cars on fire that make me ashamed to be from here. Newark was the best before all of the shitty students come around wrecking shit. 😒 #disgusted @cbraniga
  • deztiara_Thanks for making the school I want to go to next year look like shit.
  • kramerkeilman@kbraniga quit bein a pussy
  • bigbrettybrett@insane_lesane it's not bad relax. This was a one time thing...
  • erictoesthis makes your school look terrible & makes imshmacked look unsafe and not just "prop" Arya. lovin the movement but i know yall can keep it safer
  • angryblackchickkagreed @kbraniga it's such a gross display of privilege and lack of social consciousness. and selfishness. and straight up dirty ho's being nasty =/
  • deztiara_@bigbrettybrett you relax. College is supposed to be about being mature and not like wild animals
  • bigbrettybrett@insane_lesane I was relaxed in my good ole bed. It was predominantly freshman that have only been in college for 2 weeks.
  • deztiara_And that makes it okay? @bigbrettybrett
  • bigbrettybrettThat was not the point of my comment. High school kids aren't going to mature in 2 weeks of college. 1 it wasn't as bad as it was portrayed seeing as there are many fake pictures going around. 2. The school is reprimanding many that participated. I'm not arguing against you I'm arguing for those that didnt participate love UD
  • bigbrettybrett@insane_lesane
  • deztiara_@bigbrettybrett I applaud those who didn't. And I'm glad the ones that did are getting reprimanded for it. The whole thing was stupid for even existing. This whole "I'm shmacked" thing is stupid. @
  • matty_kissAll of you suck..learn to live life.
  • _lilalo_It was a once in a lieftime thing. Delaware has nothing to do in it. And it was a good time so sorry if you guys are against it I'm not even a stufent at UD and I didn't even go. Okay they took somethings to the extreme but college life is so much different then high school and you only live once live it with no regrets frfr it is probabky the dopest thing to happen in delaware besides drug busts
  • t.dooleyDelaware is this shit. Point blank period. Y'all mad cause u weren't there? Lol go hate on someone else's college
  • _lilalo_Thank you @todddooley_
  • taylorcarpentier@jessicastein_
  • chizzychvpHaha Matt k
  • nattysam_@matty_kiss ^agreed haha
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