• tipsforjesus#tipsforjesus

  • prentayourrealtorLol that is so Funny ...
  • rondricBlessing in auburn al my husband has two jobs for the family papa johns and tiger taxi here in auburn al
  • shelovesthecity@rondric you shouldn't ask for blessings. God will bless you on his time not yours
  • pammyjo1@shelovesthecity, rondric has commented on every pic, asking for a blessing....you are so right, God will bless you on his time....just keep pushing on and when the time is right you will receive your blessing...
  • wwwizardddBig ups to my favorite hometown bar, Brewskis! You must have been visiting the summit boys? No way you'd be in Ogden otherwise lol
  • oliver18754@rondric Your husband working two jobs is a blessing. Why ask for more when god has already provided for you?
  • oliver18754@rondric You never get a blessing because you keep on asking for more. Stop asking for blessings and let god bless you on his own time. Asking for blessings will make it less likely that you will get a blessing.
  • uniqueinallwayzWhat you are doing is a beautiful thing, seeing the smiles you have brought to people is refreshing. thank u for being an amazing person.
  • im_supersaiyan@aira_m23 @curvychickstyle @jusdey isn't this awesome?
  • chelseatucc210GOD BLESS YOU!
  • jimenez_yes@nachingon
  • 1ydiawashereNo mystery to us God Bless
  • gjessiek@tipsforjesus remarkable work. Life is tough for a lot of people & whilst money isn't the answer to many things it sure makes life a little bit easier. The fact you are doing this isn't just spreading financial support it is spreading love & there's not enough of it in this world. 🙏 God bless you
  • creole_kattGod bless you @tipsforjesus
  • yenybelune@evitagil
  • evitagilWao increible @yenybelune
  • kris_sheeran226@kasbeury
  • publicidadecI ask him to help me have an emergency and Christmas is coming and I'm living in Ecuador debts
  • lvlbvHow is it a "mystery" if your name is on the AMEX card used to pay and leave these tips? 😂 😂 😂
  • heavena50Humm can u help me pay for Permaseal my house is falling apart I don't have a job any more due to my illness it's hard when the state will not help.......https://www.gofundme.com/2rypg2k
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