Don't mind if I do #turkeyburger
  • emmarobertsDon't mind if I do #turkeyburger

  • ponprincessIsn't this eat cafe in noho?
  • jamesfrancoperfectionI love eating <3<3
  • hkhhhsfygskI love you
  • alyssa.rachLets eat
  • alyssa.rachYh
  • lauren_wolf__Charcoal off of magazine?
  • samara_hmMe
  • hbaudierDef Charcoal!
  • rachellenaesterline@antlre @thebananasplitzer
  • zmagrocassie
  • hollyisdumbEat. Something you should do every once in a fucking while. But next time, don't poke your finger down your throat afterwards, fuckin bulimic head case. Hittin Evan n shit, you psycho bitch.
  • siobhan.burch@witnessing_your_addictions what the actual, what you said is horrible. I know some "bulimic head cases" and they're great people. A mental disorder doesn't make anyone less. Keep your words to yourself
  • hollyisdumbIt makes you psycho when you hit your boyfriend lol xD but whatever your probably just as bad as Emma xD
  • hollyisdumb@shivvermetimbers
  • siobhan.burch@witnessing_your_addictions funny because I don't actually have a boyfriend, I'm laughing so hard. Judging by your Instagram you're not happy a lot of the time, yet you're still judgemental. Once you stop judging people you'll be happier and people will maybe just love you more.
  • hollyisdumb@shivvermetimbers lol are you fucking retarded? I know you don't have a boyfriend, I mean, OBVIOUSLY. I was talking about how she beat the shot out of her boyfriend Evan Peters. And I only judge people who go out on psychotic rages and bloody up their boyfriends. I'm pretty damn happy with my life actually, and uhm... why the fuck are you looking at my Instagram? If you don't like me, then why stalk me? Lol wtf dumb bitch latez👄💨✌
  • jbwalsh33@charcoalsgourmetburgerbar
  • neuroticity@witnessing_your_addictions for a pretty girl you have a lot of ugly things to say. I understand you were trying to be insulting with the "bulimic" statement. However the only thing you managed to insult was yourself. Using any disorders (even though I don't believe Emma has been diagnosed, but even if she did have any disorders) against someone for any reason is ignorant and a sign of deep rooted issues. I'd say you're jealous. Of course. Also, you don't really know what happened and the media isn't always reliable. It's also none of your business. Evan is happy (obviously). Leave them alone.
  • mattybags15@vaughanwashco is this Wayfare?
  • fulyadikmenOf course
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